A Story Behind The Book Smack that was released then banned in Dublin City in the 1980’s

In 1985 here in Ireland a book called ” Smack, was released it follows the then drug culture which was once in Ireland at the time as well as providing plenty of names of so called drug pushers. This book was then taken of the shelves due to the nature of its content.

Two Irish journalist wrote this book and they are Sean Flynn and Padraig Yeates, both of these journalists worked for various newspapers here in Dublin City, in the 1980’s and it was here working for these newspaper’s they covered crime.

Today almost 32 years later its nearly impossible to pick up a copy of that book, Smack. There is a couple of people selling this book on line in the UK and they are asking £60.00 for this book. Because the book was taken of the shelves after its first run no re- runs where printed so this alone has contributed to the lack of supply of these books. This book was printed by a Dublin Based publisher known as Gill and Macmillan. The book itself has 341 pages of reading in it as well as photographs from well known drug pushers and or their associates involving allegedly selling drugs.

Recently at a charity shop here in Dublin City I was looking through their book section and there waiting to be picked up and brought home was this book, Smack. I quickly picked it up along with four other books and paid the very fair price of €5.00 for the lot. I was just lucky that day and if you ever see this book in a charity shop or a car booth sale grab it, it may become very valuable in the future.

Prime Bling (PB) Is delighted to be welcoming Dubliner Dave John Brophy, who has kindly sent his personal story relating to himself when he first bought this book and the facts around this book back in the 1980’s Dublin City.

Dave’s Story



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