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About Prime Bling – Supporting Up & Coming Folks

Prime Bling (PB) is delighted to announce that as from 1st August 2016, that this site will be supporting up and coming musicians, featuring all types of music genres, from Pop to Rock and Hip Hop to House. If Ireland can be credited for anything it’s up and coming musicians should be on that list.

Up & coming musicians have in some cases a very uphill struggle and at times are pushed aside, so the big stars can take center stage. In Ireland it seems the ones who are center stage stay there for years and years.  We at PB hope to change this, or a least put it right,  and at the same time showcase up and coming talent.

To further the cause of the up and coming, we will be publishing music blog posts, plus we will also delve into some local news from around the fair city of Dublin in our lifestyle section. And in our events section, all types of events will be showcased, from film and museums, to tours and concerts. Finally, we will also be supporting not just music’s up and coming acts, but also those related to film, theatre and writing.

If you would like to write for us, or if you would like to submit an idea for a story, please drop us an email via our contact page. If you have an event or indie music release to promote please submit your music here, and your events here.

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