Hi Prime Blingers!

Hello there, and welcome to Prime Bling!

My name is Alan Finn, and I live in Dublin, Ireland.

I have been writing seriously now for the guts of the last 10 or so years, and in the last 6 of them I have been getting stuff published online. You can view some of those articles here.

I like to write mostly poetry, and anything lifestyle. I also like to review gig’s and albums, plus I do all I can to support up and coming musicians, as well as up and coming writers, poets, artists, painters, etc.

This is where I got the idea from, for Prime Bling (PB).

Prime Bling is a platform for anything up and coming.

I believe personally that some main acts example, musicians who make it on to the main center stage, stay there for way too long, leaving a backlog of up and coming talent, who are all sidelined.

I am not saying that the ones who have the spotlight today, don’t deserve to be on top of their game, because I am a strong believer that any creativity that we put out there deserves to be noticed, but let’s stand back and give the up and coming a better chance.

Prime Bling wants all up and coming to have a center stage, and at Prime Bling, the stage is here for you.

We are all up and coming at something, and whatever you’re into, please share it using Prime Bling as your platform.

We are going worldwide with Prime Bling and we want to take you with us. We want to showcase your talents, it doesn’t matter if you’re not a writer, you can still be profiled here on the website, even if you’re an actor, a poet, an artists, etc. Or if you’re trying to set up your own business in this industry, we will work together and platform it together.

Once you use Prime Bling to showcase your chosen field, this is where the numbers will count. You can share it around all your social media pages, and we will do the same. We can bounce of each other, and at the same time, promote each other.

You see Prime Bling is also an up and coming new project, so let’s showcase together!

Not just music…

Prime Bling is very proud to be launching officially on August the 1st 2016, and not only are we a platform for anything up and coming, we are also an entertainment and news guide.

We cover local and global news. We will also be announcing music gigs, as they happen, informing you if there is a gallery opening with artist’s exhibitions, book launches, etc.

You See Prime Bling (PB) is not only a platform for anything new, it’s a platform for anything that is happening in our World and lives, so thank you for choosing to be a Prime Blinger!

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