ACT To March On Garda Headquarters

Edited by Alan Finn.

A Public Demo will take place outside the, Garda Head Quarters aka Irish Police, on Sunday 2nd October 2016. This demo is been called by ACT, Anti Corruption Taskforce, to highlight various subjects outlined below. The Garda HQ, is located in the, Phoenix Park, In Dublin City Ireland.

ACT – Anti Corruption Taskforce’ will assemble outside the Head Quarters of the, Gardai (Irish Police Force), Phoenix Park, Dublin 8 Ireland, at 3 pm SHARP on Sunday 2nd October 2016 to demand an immediate end to corruption, malfeasance and criminality within the Gardai.

At this event we will highlight instances of criminal activity of members of the Gardai, evidence of Gardai perverting the course of justice and naming and shaming rogue Gardai in all ranks.

We will also read out a list of a number of people who died mysteriously in Garda custody over the past 2 decades, whose deaths were never properly investigated and whose grieving families have never been given closure.

We will also highlight and call for an immediate END to the close and cosy relationship which exists between the Gardai, the Judiciary, the Legal Profession and the established POLITICAL PARTIES.

ACT – Anti Corruption Taskforce’ will also be making a public call for the immediate resignation of Garda Commissioner, Norin O’ Sullivan on the grounds that she has NOT, among other things, cleaned up the image of our police force, she has NOT, protected whistleblowers within the force, she has NOT, launched proper investigations into deaths in Garda custody, she has NOT, launched proper investigations into certain cold case murders and she has NOT, launched proper investigations into the disappearance of missing people, some of whom are innocent children.

We invite all groups who are campaigning for social justice, economic justice and legal justice or any other like minded campaigns to join with us in highlighting and fighting corruption in Ireland on SUNDAY 2nd OCTOBER @ 3pm at Garda HQ, Phoenix Park.

Information and credits on this public demonstration was sourced from ACT, Anti Corruption Taskforce ( fb Page ) Main Image Sourced from Google.




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