Aesthetic Writings: Melancholy

We at Prime Bling, your favorite on line digital entertainment guide is delighted to welcome Jack McCormack a Dublin based reader who has sent us in some original writings that he has wrote to be included for publication here on Prime Bling. His first offering is called ” Melancholy and its known as Aesthetic Writing we hope you enjoy it as much as we did – Alan Finn, Editor.


She hauled my cumbersome luggage, even heavier than the weight she had been carrying on her shoulders.
The aroma of lavender, as it diffused from her room to my nostrils. Her room, bright and beaming, the opposite of her thoughts.
She lay recumbantly, telling her stories, like a veteran of war, her war being depression. Depression, a state of melancholy, peaceful waters to the outside world, but a raging tsunami below the surface. It’s like being both the prisoner and the jailer, constantly searching for the key to freedom.
I remember sitting patiently, anticipating the day that my aunt would finally find her key.

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