Angel Card Readings and Healing part 2.

Angel Card Readings and or Healing.

Have you ever wondered or questioned why you are here on earth?

Do you believe in mediums ?

Do you believe in Angels?

Do you believe that past loved ones can send messages to you?


If So Say Hello To Jackie the card reader and healer from Dublin. :

Jackie, is a fully trained therapist with over 30 years experience in healing, and readings. Jackie reads the angel card decks, while at the same time interacts and passes on messages from your past loved ones from the spirit world.

Jackie is also a medium.


Would you be interested in receiving a one to one session with Jackie?

If you don’t want a reading then maybe a healing is for you. Jackie is a fully trained therapists, and will work on all areas with you on issues that is causing you harm, conflict, and or distress in or outside your body, in a safe environment.

Here are two testimonials from two people who had sessions with Jackie, in her home in Clondalkin, here in Dublin.

Joshua Story:

Hello my name is Joshua. I had a reading by Jackie and it opened up my mind and outlook to spiritualism. My mother passed away some years ago and although my mum was sick at the time it was still a shock to me and my family. About 10 years ago, I got talking to a mutual friend one day ad we were talking about do we believe in mediums and the work they do. My mutual friend was a big believer and had a session with a lady called Jackie. Not only had she gotten a angel reading session with Jackie, Jackie was able to pass on messages to my mutual friend from past loved ones. Intrigued I was by this and the fact that Jackie was living and based in my hometown of Dublin, that I set out to find more information on this lady. I managed to get a phone number for Jackie, and arranged for an appointment with her. On the day of the appointment I half wanted not to go, but curiosity got the better of me and off I went. While I was having the reading done, Jackie, announced that my mother was there too, I was shocked as I did not mention to Jackie, that my mother had previously died.The reading also told me things from my past and also predicted what will happen in the future. The reading blew me away and from that point on-wards my view on spiritually changed. 10 years later and I’m still a firm believer and I ‘m witnessing these changes with each passing day. Jackie is very good and if you were like me curious have a session with her.

Joan’s Story:

At the time I went to Jackie for guidance, I was lost in life not knowing where or who to turn to for help. I got Jackie phone number from a friend. I was very apprehensive as my appointment came. However I was blown away by the guidance she gave me, she is a very spiritual person and very knowledgeable in her work. Many years later I am still seeing Jackie for her spiritual guidance and as always come away feeling light and happy, I would highly recommend a reading.


Jackie is based and living in Clondalkin, here in Dublin, Ireland. The cost of a reading is only €50.00 and if your interested you can telephone her on 086-866-3804.

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