Awol Active, Unestimated EP, Release

Awol Active ( EP Release ) ” Unestimated. By Alan Finn.

Awol Active, the three piece group from the docklands of “Pearse Street, Dublin City, have only recently released their debut EP, titled, “Unestimated.

Members are ( Simon Heapes , who plays the bass, and does vocals.
And brothers (Adam Boland, who plays the guitar, and (Conor, who plays the drums, and does backing vocals.

This very unique group have it in them to be one of the better groups to emerge from Dublin City. Their EP, is a gem, and a must have if you like hard rock with a little Indie.

The Ep has four tracks on it.
1st, Track up is (Radioactive) the guitar playing in this is very good, and one could easily think it was “Gary Moore, playing along, in the background. The lyrics are very good too.

2nd Track , is (Unestimated) taken after the name of the (EP ) this is a killer of a tune.

3rd Track is (Saviour) it’s a love song, who doesn’t like a good old love tune.

4th Track is ( Anxiety) another good rocking tune.

This EP, has the foundation to become a good selling debut EP, for Awol Active. It’s alive and kicking when it comes to rock, but it has the edge of an Indie feel to it.
I play it a lot of the time, when I am driving, and Radioactive, is fast becoming a favorite song of mine.

I have seen” Awol Active, play live loads of times and just very recently when they supported ” up and coming Dublin based group, Motion Control, at the Button Factory here in Temple Bar, Dublin City.

They come alive when they are live, and once you see them once you will want to see them again.

Unestimated, can be orderd in physicals, by going to “ Adam Boland’s, Simon Heapes, or Conor Bolands, or Awol Active, fb page

The word, Unestimated, is not really a word, but a title the lads made up. If they can change a bit of grammar and create a word, then whats stopping them from creating more decent EP’s & Albums

Credit Image Alan Finn

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