Brand New Weekly Podcast – The Tommy & Hector Podcast with Laura Blewitt out now!





1ST & 2ND Episode available Thursday Sept 3rd!

Thursday Sept 3rdMabinóg Studios today announces the launch of a new podcast series “Tommy & Hector Podcast with Laurita Blewitt”. Pure conversation, of the language loving storytelling variety. Unpredictable and funny, carefree and intimate. Join Tommy Tiernan, his school pal Hector O’Heochagain and Mayo woman Laurita Blewitt as they sit around the table in a shed at the bottom of a garden in the West of Ireland and just chat. You’ll wish you were there to join in. The podcast is hosted, distributed and monetised by Acast, the world’s leading podcast company.

Hector O’Heochagain said “The day we record the podcast I get that giddy excited feeling in my mind and body. We all have certain friends who are just great fun and craic to be around , this podcast is “that friend” in a nutshell …when we get to the garden shed I know the chat will be good , I know I’m going to laugh, I know that I’m going to sit and listen to all sorts of stories , where and how we get around to these stories no one knows but what I hope is that they will whisk the listener away for a while as they tune in … whether in the car the office, the kitchen, or on headphones around the local GAA pitch.” 

A brand new weekly podcast recorded in the hen house at the bottom of a garden in Connemara on the west coast of Ireland. No better place to house the madness, energy and craic of school pals and lifelong best friends Tommy Tiernan & Hector O’Heochagain, along with Mayo sidekick and former iRadio colleague Laurita Blewitt. Feast your ears on wild conversation, stories & laughter.

Jennifer Dollard, Content Development Manager at Acast Ireland, said “To say we’re excited about launching this podcast would be an understatement, Tommy and Hector are hugely revered comedians and presenters who draw audiences of all ages from Ireland to Australia, so this will truly be a podcast for the masses. With podcasting growing from strength to strength in Ireland over the past few years, it’s about to take another huge step forward with this wonderful show.”

Tommy Tiernan has worked as a stand-up comedian, chat show host, newspaper columnist and actor. He is a grandfather, GAA coach and when he was young he used to look like Patrick Duffy from Dallas.

Hector O’Heochagain is a radio and TV presenter who’s multi IFTA award winning travel documentary series for TG4 has seen him travel through a Winter from Siberia to Saigon, undertake an epic 3 month road trip through America’s deepest South and most recently, journey through deepest Africa.

Laurita Blewitt has travelled the world fundraising for Mayo Roscommon hospice. She has been a DJ, Mayo Gaelic footballer and karaoke singer in empty bars. She is Joe Biden’s cousin and has spent a lot of time with him on the campaign trail. When he is American president, she intends to call in drone strikes on her enemies.

The Tommy & Hector Podcast with Laurita Blewitt launches on September 3rd and is released weekly. Available on the Acast appApple Podcasts and all good podcast platforms.


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