Bridge’s Of Hope At Work Part 18.

It’s Saturday 9th March and once again we are out with the volunteers who volunteer with Bridge’s Of Hope (boh) the non profitable charitable organization who every Saturday Evening set up a clothing and feeding stall on North Earl/Talbot Street here in Dublin City. Its been raining on and off and its quite cold out. The space where (boh) set up on a weekly basic has been shorten due to construction works been carried out, but because there is no where else to set up (boh) have to do squeeze in and get on with it.

It’s just a little past 7:30pm and activity from the shoppers using the streets carry on with their tasks unaware that the small crowds of people hanging around are there because they are homeless and depend highly on the service provided by (boh) and the volunteers this may be there last chance for that evening to get a cup of hot fluids maybe something to eat some clothing or maybe just a chat.

Like most Saturday’s there isn’t enough time to set up the tables and the equipment before people come over seeking help. It doesn’t take to long to set up the feeding station as each volunteer knows what they are to do and what has to be done. Within minutes of setting up the feeding station the stall is fairly busy and once again we welcome a lovely aroma of pleasant smells from homemade cooking dishes.

On the menu tonight we have Pasta Bake, Coddle, Chicken Curry & Rice, Chicken & Vegetables, Stew, Lasagna, etc, Plus we had cold food like, Ham Sandwiches, Cheese Sandwiches, Mixed Salads, Snacks, Crisps, Biscuits, Tea, Coffee, Drinking Chocolate, & Water.

The clothing station was lacking clothing donations this week but what ever was there including heavy winter jackets, shoes, boots, hats, scarves, gloves, etc where given out. (boh) Was only up less than one hour and had to stop due to a shortage of basic equipment such as cups, cutlery, bowls, food items like sugar, bottles of water, last week was just one of those weeks but its heart breaking when you have nothing to give out to the homeless people when they come to the stall.

 How Can You Help Bridge’s Of Hope?

Become a volunteer with us.

Cook a hot dish for us.

Donate heavy winter clothing and or camping equipment.

If you can help in anyway you can telephone Bridge’s Of Hope on 085-812-5434 or 085-1282-546 We will do our best to collect the donations from your home and or business within reason if requested thank you.

Bridge’s Of Hope, Are this year putting out an Easter Egg appeal if you can help us with donations of Easter Eggs please get in touch with us on any of the phone numbers above or if you want to donate the eggs personally you can drop them into us at our weekly stall from this Saturday 16th March from 7:30 to 9:30pm thank you. 

All Easter Eggs donated will be given out to the homeless people, their children, and anyone stuck in the homeless crisis.

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