Bridge’s of Hope At Work Part 19 and The Easter Egg Appeal.

It’s Saturday 6th April 2019 and it’s just gone 7:30pm and we are once again with Bridge’s of Hope, (boh) who every Saturday Evening from 7:30 to 9:30pm run a homeless outreach food and clothing stall on Talbot/ North Earl Street here in Dublin City. This street which is normally busy with shoppers seems a little bit more busier than usual. The volunteers with (boh) began their task by setting up their foldaway tables facing Madigans Bar and Restaurant. Within a few minutes of setting up the tables the area is suddenly bursting with activity from homeless people seeking help. The food table consist of three tables while the clothing stall has one table plus a clothing rail. All the volunteers have various jobs to do and it doesn’t take to long before the whole show is ready to go.

Starting with the food stall on the menu we have homemade Stews, Dublin Coddle, Pasta Bake, Chicken Curry & Rice, Cocktail Sausages, Hot Dogs, Grilled Pudding, Sandwiches, Snacks, Biscuits, Cakes, Homemade Doughnuts, Protein Bars, Bottles Soft Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Drinking Chocolate, etc

On the clothing stall we have used ladies, gents, children, babies clothes, we also have some bedding items such as duvets, pillow cases, sheets and we also have new in packets Sheets, Duvets, We also have a small supply of new hats, gloves, and scarves and a few items of toiletries including soap and deodorant.

First the food stall opens up this gives the volunteers on the clothing stall some time to set up their stall. Within a very few short minutes all the volunteers on the food stall are very busy serving out the homemade dishes to the homeless people. Some of these homeless people may have not had any homemade food in a few days and they make it known by coming back and asking for more. Some of the homeless people who come to (boh) Stall talk very kindly of the service that (boh) provide and keep repeating their gratitude by repeating it to the volunteers.

The stall’s where only opened less than 1 hour when most of the hot food was gone we estimated that we gave assistance to about 200 to 225 people last night. How do we know this? We started of on the stall with 7 sleeves of foam cups that’s 35 cups to a sleeve, and 245 cups altogether we came back with 20 cups. We also gave away over 110 bottles of soft drinks, and served out more than 100 Protein Bars, and over 40 packet of biscuits, along with packets of cakes, snacks, etc We wouldn’t be able to give out these vast amounts of food items if it wasn’t for the kind donations of items from all of our volunteers and their family and friends on and off social media pages.

Can You Help?

Would you consider becoming a volunteer with us?

Would you consider cooking a hot dish in your own home for us?

Would you consider donating clothing items including sleeping bags, mats, tents, toiletries, to us?

If you would like to donate any food or clothing items including sleeping bags, mats, etc and you have no transport please contact Alan Finn on 085-1282-546. Tara McCarthy on 085-1245-065 or Davina Reilly on 087-0954-427 and we will do our very best to collect the donations from your home and or business. If you would like to volunteer with us we would love to have you on board with us you can phone Tara McCarthy on her number or drop into our weekly stall on Talbot/ North Earl Street every Saturday from 7: 30 to 9:30pm thank you.

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Bridge’s of Hope are currently running an Easter Egg Appeal and our aim is to give the homeless children who are caught up in this homeless crisis and are living in emergency accommodation an Easter Egg this Easter. If you and or your friends, work colleagues, student friends, business, etc would like to donate any Easter Eggs please contact one of the phone numbers above and again if you have no transport we will do our very best to collect them from your home, and or business, within reason thank you. You can also give your donation to us in person just drop them onto our stall. Why not join us on Easter Saturday as we give out the Easter Eggs from our stalls? You would be very welcomed thank you.

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