Bridges of Hope At Work Part 20.

It’s Saturday 25th May 2019 and it’s a little past 7.15pm and once again we join Bridges of Hope, the homeless outreach team who on a weekly basic set up a feeding and clothing stall here in Dublin City. This stall which can be found on North Earl Street/Talbot Street, facing the very popular Madigans Bar and Restaurant from 7:30 to 9:30pm. The team haven’t even time to set up their tables when suddenly crowds of people swam around them seeking help. It takes a few minutes for the volunteers to set up by this stage more people arrive to use the services. Its a little past 7:30pm when the stall opens up and is ready to serve out the food.

The food on offer this week includes homemade Stews, Dublin Coddle, Pasta Dishes, Chicken Noodle Stew with Vegetables, Barbecue Chicken Salads with Savory Rice, Cocktail Sausages, Spicy Chicken Wings, with Home made chips, Sandwiches, plus treats like ambrosia rice with jam fillings, Snack bars, Crisps, Biscuits, Chocolate Treats, Tea, Coffee, Drinking Chocolate, Fresh Bakery Products, and bottles of water.

Any of the food which is brought in each week by the volunteers is sourced, cooked, and prepared by each volunteer in their home, using their own resources and time.

The clothing stall which takes a little bit longer to set up consists of two tables, and a clothing rail. There is at least 5 to 6 volunteers looking after the clothing section. Some of the volunteers begin to take the clothes out of the black bags and hang them up on to the rail this makes it easier to be seen by the people who need them. There is plenty of clothing items to go around tonight and there are also new items including socks, hats, underwear, etc There are no sleeping bags, tents, and ground mats, to give out as donations of these items are very hard to come by in recent times. There was many requests looking for these items and sadly they all had to be turned down.

Both stalls are up and running and are very busy. The food stall see’s a big increase with the amount of people turning up for a bite to eat. These include people from all walks of life and nationalities and includes young families with children. The food stall is only opened less than 45 minutes when all the hot food is gone this is not an isolate case this happens most weeks in fact it’s very rarely to see any hot food at the end of the night. The only food items that now can be served at the food stall are mostly snacks but nobody complains.

At the clothing stall they were also very busy and thanks to the donations of clothing items they were able to give out nearly all of the clothes. Its now only 8:45pm the food stall can only offer hot fluids as they have basically ran out of all types of food. Some people requested to take away food with them so they could eat them in their hostels, emergency accommodation, or in some cases sleeping rough on the streets.


Would you consider cooking a meal in your home or business?  If Yes, we can pick the food up from you within reason.

Can you donate any sleeping bags, tents, ground mats, etc, to us?

Can you donate any warm clean new or used items of clothing to us?

If so get in touch with us you can see at end of this page where some of our volunteers are living in and around the Dublin areas and they will gladly accept any donations thank you.

Or you can drop off your donation to our weekly stall from 7:30 to 9:30pm thank you…

Bridges of Hope homeless outreach team would like to thank the following people and or business who have recently donated to us including some who donated Easter Eggs to us for our Easter Egg Appeal. If we missed anyone we will get their names up on next publication.

Madigans Bar and Restaurant, North Earl Street, Dublin 1.

The Natural Bakery, Kilmainham Dublin 8.

Prodieco Pharmaceutical Components, Tallaght Dublin 24.

Rose Snedker, and her work colleagues.

Community Active Age Network, The Iveagh Grounds, Crumlin Dublin 12.

March For Justice Dublin.

The Hot Doughnut company, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

Community Assistance Network Group.

Guinneys, Talbot Street.

Sports Direct, North Earl Street.

Josie Cole.

Theresa Kelly.

Ciaran O’Moore.

Michelle Nugent.

Donna Connolly.

Karin Ahlers.

Kinga Paszko.

Francina Dooley.

The Volunteers info:

Alan Finn, Dublin 8, 085-1282-546.

Orla Dunne, Dublin 7, 086-889-2844.

Wesley Hanratty, Rush Co Dublin, 083-045-6833.

Aine Evans, Dublin 10, 087-764-5005.

Davina Reilly, Dublin 9, 087-095-4427.

Elaine Hennsey, Dublin 9, 087-095-4427.

Stephen Early, Dublin 8, 085-151-6182.

Trish Martin, Dublin 11, 089-416-7661.

Ann Marie Martin, Dublin 11, 087-193-0383.

Pat & Sinead, Dublin 10, 085-106-9130.

Tara McCarty, Dublin 7, 085-124-5065.

Martina Whelan, Dublin 7, 087-633-6570.

Shelley Duncan, Dublin 24, 085-151-4877.

Aoife Nic Eochagain, Dublin 24, 087-134-6101.

Tracy Miller, Dublin 10, 083-030-8315.

Samantha Cramp, Dublin 10, 085-849-4781.

David Walsh, Dublin 12, 086-380-0878.

Main Slider Image Credit: Prime Bling.

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