Bridge’s of Hope At Work Part (21).

It’s Saturday 24th August 2019 and its just a little past 7.15pm and once again we are out with Bridge’s of Hope, the homeless outreach team. We are on our usual spot been on North Earl Street, facing the very popular Madigans Bar and Restaurant here in Dublin City. Life on this street can vary and on Saturday Evening gone it seemed a little quieter than usual. Within a few minutes of pulling on to North Earl Street cars began to appear bringing with them much needed volunteers for the outreach.

In what appears to be a flash tables are set up food items are taken out of the cars to be given out to people caught up in the homeless crisis. Its now just a little past 7.30pm when activity suddenly burst into life. Four large white fold up tables are laden with hot tasty homemade dishes which included Pasta and Vegetable Bake, Vegetarian Dishes, A Mixed Grill Dish, Chicken Dishes, Curry Dishes, Fish Pies, Salad Dishes, Hot Chili Dishes, Curry Broccoli and Pasta, Trays of boiled baby potatoes, Cup Omelettes, Cottage Pie, Lasagna, Sausages, etc cold food snacks include Sandwiches, Cakes, Biscuits, Fruit, Chocolate Treats, Fruit Cocktail, Raspberry Trifle, Candy Treats, Cans of minerals, Bottles of Juices, Crisp, Tea, Coffee, Drinking Chocolate, etc

In the two hours of outreaching with Bridge’s of Hope, it was estimated that a least 230 to 300 people stopped by and used the services. This outreach was really hammered like most Saturday evenings there was no food left at the end of the night. As well as large selection of food to be given out there was also a large selection of clothes given out plus loads of toiletries. Sadly there seems to a big increase with children with their parents turning up for help at the tables. Although we did our very best to accommodate them its still very sad to see young children at the stalls it really hits you very hard .

Can you donate any food items?

Would you consider cooking a dish in your home and or business? We can arrange to collect the donation(s) from your home and or business within reason.

If you or your business would like to donate any food items and or clothing items, toiletries, sleeping bags, etc, please get in touch with us you can contact us via our face book page here is a link ( )  You can also contact any of our volunteers or phone 0851282546 and ask for Alan Thank You.

Why not become a volunteer with us?


Do get in touch with us together we can make a difference thank you.

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