Bridges of Hope homeless outreach launch shoe box appeal 2019.

Bridges of Hope, the homeless outreach recently launched their third Christmas shoe box appeal. Like the two previous years the shoe boxes will be presented to children and adults caught up in the current homeless crisis here in Ireland.

Can You Help Bridges of Hope with the Christmas Shoe Box appeal?

What you can put in the shoe box:

Toiletries, Socks, Underwear, Hats, Scarves, Small Toy items, Small Snack Items, Face Cloths, etc you could also include a Christmas card or a note signed by you and your family you can start your card or note by dear friend (s). Once you have your shoe box filled you can wrap it up with wrapping paper but  please make sure you write on the box and or tag if its for a boy, and or a girl, and what age bracket its for, and if its for an adult please write male or female thank you.

Why Not Get A Team Behind You?

Maybe you could get your school, college, work place, club, etc to organize a collection, drop off point for Bridges of Hope, If you could do that, that would be great please get in touch with us via face book or contact any of our volunteers or phone team leader Alan Finn on 0851282546.

Bridges of Hope, is a homeless outreach stall ran by volunteers and every Saturday Evening from around 7:15 to 9:30 pm, On North Earl Street, here in Dublin, we give out hot and cold food items, snacks, Tea, Coffee, Soups, toiletries, sleeping bags, clothing items, etc. Bridges of Hope, rely heavenly on donations from the public to provide these services we are again appealing to the public to donate to us. You can donate cooked food items (ie) Dublin Coddles, Stews, Pasta Dishes, Sandwiches, Snacks, Tea Bags, Coffee, Clothing items, Toiletries, Etc. Contact us via messenger, Face Book, or any of our volunteers, or phone team leader Alan Finn on 0851282546 thank you.

If you’re unable to donate a shoe box to our appeal you can also donate selection boxes, toys, and or food hamper items, ( Hampers will be given to families in need, including families living in emergency accommodations.The selection boxes and toys will be passed over to the children who are trapped in the current homeless crisis.

Bridges of Hope, will be hosting a little Christmas party on our outreach stall on Saturday 14th December a special visitor ( Santa) will also be dropping in with gifts. We will be serving out a mini Christmas Dinner we hope to see you there.

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