Can You Help Bridge’s Of Hope?.

Bridge’s of Hope homeless outreach is a voluntary homeless stall which provides food items, clothing, etc to people caught up in the Irish homeless crisis. This stall can be found every Saturday Evening on North Earl Street here in Dublin City from 7:30 to around 9:30pm. Up to 300 people use this service every Saturday Evening and the stall is ran by a group of dedicated volunteers. These volunteers source and cook the food items in their own homes then they bring the items into the weekly stall every Saturday. Because Bridge’s of Hope, is a non profitable organization they don’t receive any monetary assistance from any state funded agency and they rely heavily on donations of food and clothing items from the public. In order for Bridge’s of Hope to keep these vital services going they are throwing out an appeal for donations of food and or clothing items.

Items of donations which Bridge’s of Hope are appealing for:

Hot homemade dishes.

Cold Foods:

Warm Winter Items of Clothing:


Sleeping Bags:



Shop Vouchers, Gift Cards, to be used to buy food items so the volunteers can cook them.

Fuel Vouchers, to be used by the volunteers collecting donations.

Bakery products, etc:

Please Note: Bridge’s of Hope is not a registered charity and can not accept cash donations.

If you or your business would like to donate any donations you can contact any of the volunteers listed below or message Bridge’s of Hope face book page and they will arrange collection from your home and or business within reason.

Would your business consider sponsoring any Gazebos, Air Pots, Fold Up Tables, High Viv’s, etc? If Yes we can have your business logo printed on to the items. Your business will also be mentioned on all of their social media platforms including blogging sites, live video productions, and or face book pages.

If you or anyone you know needs assistance around their homeless issues please call in and see Bridge’s of Hope any Saturday Evening on North Earl Street here in Dublin City. They set up their weekly stall from 7:30 to around 9:30pm and they are directly facing Madigans Bar and Restaurant. Together we can make a difference thank you.

List of some of our volunteers and what area they live in:

Alan Finn, Dublin 8, 085-1282-546.

Orla Dunne, Dublin 7, 086-889-2844.

Davina Reilly, Dublin 9, 087-095-4427.

Elaine Hennsey, Dublin 9, 087-095-4427.

Stephen Early, Dublin 8, 085-151-6182.

Pat & Sinead, Dublin 10, 085-106-9130.

Martina Whelan, Dublin 7, 087-633-6570.

Shelley Duncan, Dublin 24, 085-151-4877.

Aoife Nic Eochagain, Dublin 24, 087-134-6101.

Tracy Miller, Dublin 10, 083-030-8315.

Craig Anderson, Dublin 12, 085-203-0516.

Glenda Guilfoyle, Dublin 12, 087-611-9283.

John Kirwan, Dublin 22, 086-8722-766.

Siobhan Riordan, Cellbridge, Co Kildare, 087-387-5388.

Sabrina Wall, Ashbourne, Co Meath, 083-188-8675.

You can also contact Bridge’s of Hope face book page thank you.



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