Can You Help Bridges of Hope?.

Bridges of Hope, homeless outreach program is a voluntary non profit charitable organization ran by volunteers who on a weekly basic meet and set up a weekly food and clothing stall here in Dublin City for the homeless. This stall is set up on the corner of North Earl/ Talbot Street every Saturday Evening from 7:30 to 9:30pm and the volunteers serve out homemade food dishes like Dublin Coddles, Stews, Pasta Bakes, etc. The food which is brought in by the volunteers is sourced, cooked, prepared by some of the volunteers in their own home out of their own pockets.

Not only do they serve out food items but they also give out clothing items, toiletries, and in some cases sleeping bags, and or camping equipment. But in recent times Bridges of Hope, have struggled with donations with the likes of sleeping bags, tents, etc, and they have to tell the homeless people that they cannot help them with their request for sleeping bags, tents, etc.

There is a big increase with people presenting themselves at the stall with each passing week seeking help with various issues in and around the homeless situation. You have people who come to the stall for food, some eat it there but some also like to take it away in plastic containers to eat at a later stage that night either in their hostel, or in their emergency accommodation, hubs, and in some cases rough sleeping on the streets of Dublin City. Other people come to the stall to get some clothing items or depending on the donations maybe some toiletries, and if they are lucky maybe a new sleeping bag, a tent, etc.

There are regulars who come to the stall each week some of them may not request any clothing items, and or food, but would just stop by for a cup of tea and a chat.

Can you help Bridges of Hope help the homeless people?

Would you cook a dish in your own home?

Can you donate any good quality new or used clothing items?

Can you donate any camping equipment example sleeping bags, tents, ground mats, etc?

Can you donate any toiletries?

Maybe you could start a collection/ drop of point in your job, college, school, club, etc We badly need non perishable food items example, Can Soups, Snacks, Tea Bags, Coffee, Pot Noodles, Canned Fruit, Canned Vegetables, etc

Also we take items of clothing example Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Thermal Underwear Garments, Socks, etc.

Bridges of Hope, would also welcome donations of surplus shop stock, bakery products, etc

If you would like to help Bridges of Hope in any way no matter how big or small the donation is they can arrange for it to be collected from your home and or business within reason. You can find a volunteer contact list, and what area they are living in at the end of this post thank you.

You can also drop of your donation in person to our weekly stall thank you. Any donations given to Bridges of Hope, will be publicly acknowledged on social media pages including live video productions, and on blogging sites.

The Volunteers info:

Alan Finn, Dublin 8, 085-1282-546.

Orla Dunne, Dublin 7, 086-889-2844.

Wesley Hanratty, Rush Co Dublin, 083-045-6833.

Aine Evans, Dublin 10, 087-764-5005.

Davina Reilly, Dublin 9, 087-095-4427.

Elaine Hennsey, Dublin 9, 087-095-4427.

Stephen Early, Dublin 8, 085-151-6182.

Trish Martin, Dublin 11, 085-812-4015.

Ann Marie Martin, Dublin 11, 087-193-0383.

Pat & Sinead, Dublin 10, 085-106-9130.

Tara McCarty, Dublin 7, 085-124-5065.

Martina Whelan, Dublin 7, 087-633-6570.

Shelley Duncan, Dublin 24, 085-151-4877.

Aoife Nic Eochagain, Dublin 24, 087-134-6101.

Tracy Miller, Dublin 10, 083-030-8315.

Samantha Cramp, Dublin 10, 085-849-4781.

David Walsh, Dublin 12, 086-380-0878.

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