Can you help Lamh Failte Helping The homeless?.

It’s Saturday 26th September 2020 it’s just a little past the weather is turning that bit colder. On a street here in Dublin City a crowd of people are forming a queue. In this queue there are women with babies in their prams, and toddlers standing alongside the pram. Also in this queue are victims who are caught up in the current Irish homeless crisis. The street in Dublin City, is North Earl Street.

Lamh Failte helping the homeless, is a voluntary homeless outreach which is un-registered and un-funded and ran by a group of volunteers. Every Saturday evening since they launched last January, Lamh Failte helping the homeless, have been outreaching on North Earl street here in Dublin City. In recent times the queues have been growing with numbers hitting over the 300 mark on a single outreach.

Anyone can become homeless through no fault of their own and many people who turn up to use the services are in this situation. Parents with young children, single people, are now trapped in the homeless sector. Homeless doesn’t discriminate against anyone.

Within a very short time frame volunteers from Lamh Failte helping the homeless have three tables set up. One one of these tables a large tea pot is filled up with hot water the coffee pot is also filled up. On this table there are various snacks and drinks available for the homeless people to take away with them. On the table next to the hot drinks is what is known as the pastries table. There is a good supply of cakes, snacks, etc, thanks to the likes of Marks and Spencer’s who for some time have been supplying the tables with stock. The hot food table which is next to the pastry table is where everybody starts to queue.

The weather is very cool and one can feel the winter cold creep in. The outreach is truly underway for the service users and estimated figures for that night is well over the 370 mark over the course of the outreach. We know this by the amount of cups we used we had 10 sleeves going in 50 cups to a sleeve and returned with 2 full sleeves and a few lose ones. The clothing stall finished well before the cut out time this is mainly because there is a shortage of clothing items been donated to the outreach week in and week out.

Lamh Failte Helping The homeless, is ran by volunteers who are mostly unemployed and yet they dig into their own pockets week in week out, so they can source food items so the homeless people can eat. Not only do they source, cook, the food items they come in week in and week out to volunteer to make sure that these vital services are kept going each week.

Can you help Lamh Failte Helping The Homeless?

Lamh Failte Helping The homeless, are currently looking for donations they are desperately in need for sleeping bags, tents, sleeping mats, good warm clean clothing items for men, women and children. They are also looking for donations of hot food dishes, they don’t have to be top quality restaurant dishes, dishes like Dublin Coddle, Stews, Pasta Dishes, Curry Dishes, etc, are welcomed. They are also seeking dry foods like tin foods, tea bags, jars of coffee, etc to put into hampers so they can give out to the families and or people in need. Lamh Failte Helping The homeless are contacted daily by various families and or people on a daily basic who are struggling and need help with food items.

You could also help Lamh Failte Helping The homeless, by setting up a food donation box in your work place, school, college, social club, etc, Get your family, friends, neighbors, work mates, etc, to put the food donations into the collection and or drop off point boxes, when there ready to be collected get in touch with Lamh Failte Helping The homeless, via messenger, contact details will be listed below and they will collect from you.

If your a business owner and you would like to sponsor and or donate any food items, please get in touch on the numbers listed below.

Any person and or company who intend to donate any items listed above will be publicly acknowledged on all of their social media platforms including face book, live videos, etc

Connect With Us.

Phone, text, call, WhatsApp to 085-1282-546 or 085-221-1000, you can also connect with them by their face book page and or messenger. You can also bring in your donations to their outreach stall this or any Saturday Evening from around 6.45 to around 8.45 pm, thank you.

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