Can You Help Lamh Failte Helping The Homeless?.

It’s Saturday 23rd January and on a street in Dublin City called North Earl Street people from all walks of life form a que. Its near 6.30pm and a hive of activity starts when cars and vans began to pull in and park beside a building site hoarding. Within minutes of arriving fold up tables are set by volunteers and in no time the tables are lined up with tasty homemade food dishes, On the menu there is homemade Chicken Soup, Dublin Coddle, Chicken Curry and Rice, Pasta Bake Dishes, etc also there is a good supply of snack items including bakery products, biscuits, fruit, fresh vegetables, crisps, chocolate bars, and cakes. Welcome to Lamh Failte Helping The Homeless outreach.

Its just a little to 6.45pm when the outreach starts serving out its food by that time a big que has already formed and it stretches’ right back down on North Earl Street up towards O’ Connell Street. People from all walks and nationalities wait in line for their turn. Lamh Failte Helping The homeless, have a queuing system in place no more than three people are allowed to use the tables at any given time this system helps to keep the que going and once the 3 people move away from the table the next 3 are allowed in.

There is a big demand for the hot food as its quite cold out. There are women with young children in the que some are in prams and buggy’s while others hang on to the prams side bar. There is talk among some of the service users that they have been queuing up since 5.30pm a good hour or so before the outreach sets up. The two tea ladies are very busy and have to have endless flasks filled up with hot water.

Lamh Failte Helping The homeless, don’t only supply food they also provide clothes. The clothing stall is very busy so busy that they had to keep most of the bags of clothes inside one of the volunteers van. Clothes were not the only items in demand, people where also looking for sleeping bags, toiletries, hats, scarves, gloves, etc

The outreach is only opened 1 hour and 15 minutes when all the hot food is gone by that stage its estimated that at least 250 people had used the service between the food and the clothing section. With the hot food now gone there is only snack items left on the tables, but they don’t last long by 7.45pm everything is gone and the volunteers are busy pulling down their tables and are clearing up. There is however  good supply of fresh vegetables and the service users who can cook are helping themselves to it.

In recent times Lamh Failte helping the homeless, have noticed a big increase in the amount of service users using their services. Its not only homeless people using the services but people and or families in need. With the current Covid 19 situation,  a lot of people have lost their jobs and they are now finding themselves in a position once they pay their rent, their heating bills, they don’t have any money left over to buy food.

There are always services users who arrive when everything is packed up and ready to go. Normally there would be snacks handed out to these services but tonight there is nothing left to give them.

Can You Help Lamh Failte Helping The homeless?

Lamh Failte Helping The homeless are now accepting donations of hot food dishes, snacks, sandwiches, clothing items, etc If you or your company would like to help please get in touch with us. You can call, text, WhatsApp, to 085-1282-546 or 085-221-1000. Or connect with us via messenger, thanks very much. You can also drop in your donations in person to the outreach stall this or any Saturday evening from around 6.30 to around 8.30pm on North Earl Street, Dublin 1 beside the spire end.

Lamh Failte Helping The homeless is a voluntary homeless outreach and rely heavily on support and or donations from members of the public. They do not receive any funding from the state or from any government agencies.


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