Can You Help New Homeless Outreach Lamh Failte?

Despite been only up and running since two weeks ago 26th January 2020 ” Lamh Failte helping the homeless, have already looked after over 600 homeless people from their outreach stalls on North Earl Street, here in Dublin City. Our outreach stall which can be found this and every Saturday Evening from 7.15 to around 9.30pm has already seen huge numbers of homeless people present themselves to the outreach table seeking help.

Last week Saturday 1st February Lamh Failte helping the homeless, actually ran out of hot food in the first 30 minutes of setting up.

The outreach stall provides food dishes sourced, cooked, and prepared by some of the volunteers who receive no financial help and do this out of their own pockets and their own time. The stall also provides cold food chains like sandwiches, take away meals, snacks, fruit, bakery, bottles water, minerals, tea, coffee and soups, etc. We also provide tents, sleeping bags, ground mats, camping equipment, nappies, toiletry items, etc. We also have a clothing stall section which itself has been very busy in the last two outreach stalls.

Lamh Failte helping the homeless, is ran by a group of volunteers on a voluntary basic. We rely heavily on donations from family members, friends, and neighbors. In order for us to keep these vital services going we are just throwing it out there to see would you or would you know anyone who would cook and donate a dish to us? It doesn’t have to be a top quality restaurant dish something like a Dublin Coddle, A Stew, An oven bake dish, Pasta Bake, Curry Dishes, Chicken Dishes, including finger food.  We are also just throwing it out there for donations of cold chain dishes like, Sandwiches, Microwave Take away Dishes, Chocolate Bars, Biscuits, Bakery, etc. We are also accepting donations of tents, sleeping bags, ground mats, camping equipment, Outdoor Rain Proof clothing sets , Boots, and warm practical winter clothing items for men, women, and children.


If you or your business would like to donate, and or sponsor to ” Lamh Failte helping the homeless, please contact team leader Alan Finn in Dublin on 085-1282-435, or contact any of the admins on our face book page or any of the  volunteers. We will do our best to collect your donations from you and or your business within reason or you can drop them into us this and every Saturday Evening on North Earl Street, We are next door to the star bucks  cafe near the Spire end, from 7.15 to around 9.30pm


To reach North Earl Street, You will have to drive on to Talbot Street, at the end of Talbot Street, you can only go left, (don’t take the left turn stick on your hazards and drive slowly straight ahead up on to North Earl Street, please be advised this is a pedestrian zone, you will then see the crowd of people and you will also see some of the volunteers cars parked up.


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