Candle light Vigil At Minister Catherine Byrne’s Constituency Office In Dublin.

Hosted by a group known as Dublin 8 Campaign For Public Housing, A candle light vigil will take place this Friday 15th December 2017 outside Irish Fine Gael, (FG) Minster Catherine Byrne’s Offices here in the Inchicore Village of Dublin 8.

This event will happen from 5.30pm till

The Text below was sourced from the original fb page and invite.

Candle Light Vigil At Fine Gael Minister Catherine Byrne’s Constituency Office.

In conjunction with calls made by the Campaign For Public Housing for a series of local protests on the weekend of December 15th and 16th, Dublin 8 Public Housing For All have called for a protest to be held outside the Constituency Office of the local areas Government Minister Catherine Byrne.

This protest is being called to highlight the Government’s ineffective response to our homelessness emergency and their complicity in continuing with successive private sector favoring housing policies that has led to and exasperated our national housing crisis.

Bring candles. No party specific material please. Campaign placards will be provided and participants are encouraged to produce their own housing and homeless themed placards too.

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