D8HAC All Together Now To Hold an event for its first anniversary this Wednesday 11th July.

Hosted by: D8HAC All together Now & Campaign For Public Housing:

When: Wednesday 11th July 2018 from 8:pm.

Where: Outside St Catherine’s Church Thomas Street Dublin 8.


Our Homeless Outreach Service was in operation for it’s first year, last week (Wed 4th July). We will be holding an event this coming Wed 11th July at 8pm outside St Catherine’s Church Thomas Street, Dublin 8, to mark the occasion and to highlight the worsening homelessness emergency.
In one year, the figures of homeless people in emergency accommodation has risen by 1,049 additional children to 3,826 (May 2018 figures) and by 2,098 adults to 6,020 (May 2018 figures).
Despite the States spin and manipulation of figures the emergency is worsening. Please join us to help raise awareness of the reality of the actual situation. We will have short speeches from speakers representing the effected, Altogether Now and the Campaign For Public Housing. Thank you for your support and assistance for the past year. Damien Farrell on behalf of D8HAC.

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