Donating Land To Build Homes For The Irish Homeless

Earlier this year it was allegedly announced that land which belongs to Irish broadcasting station RTE is to sell at least 4 acres of their land which is on their campus site in Donnybrook here in Dublin City. It was also allegedly reported that there has been several meetings with potential costumers, and or developers to see if a deal could be reached for what is fast becoming known as prime land. It was also allegedly reported that RTE lost up to €20. Million on sales the year before in 2016.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if RTE, donated this land back into the ownership or surrender it to the Irish government who would then have some ground to build homes and help our homeless once for all.

Four acres of land could build up to at least 40 to 50 homes or maybe even one or two apartment blocks say 6 floors up and say about 10 across giving a potential 60 to 120 apartments.

Doonybrook is an area quite close to Dublin City so therefore it wouldn’t be ideal to build homes for the homeless and give them a home in the Dublin area rather than sticking them into a hotel’s, and or temporary emergency accommodation’s, in areas that don’t suit their or their family’s need’s including access to their school’s, shopping centers, etc

As Prime Bling (PB) Pointed out in digital publication on many occasions before its a shame to spend huge amounts on emergency accommodation which is not fixing the homeless crisis. The ones who are really benefiting here are the ones who own and or run hotels, etc While the homeless are stuck in limbo.

(PB) Is not saying don’t spend money housing our homeless but lets try and fix the homeless or at least try and get the people on the housing list housed.

It’s no good trying to put a band aid on a wound that needs to be stitched up, Its like this when you look at the figures that’s been spent in putting the homeless into emergency accommodation its a total waste of tax payers money. There is no guarantee that the people who are placed in these temporary accommodations will be living there from one day to the next.

If RTE has this land and the government is looking for land to build homes why don’t RTE just donate the 4 acres for the purpose of helping the Irish government help the Irish homeless crisis once for all. I mean if RTE is been supported financially by the people of Ireland when they buy their TV Licence and the government also allegedly gave financially in the past to RTE when they first set out as a broadcasting service why not give back to the system?

If you look at a least 50 to 120 homes in realitly that’s an extra 50 to 120 TV licences each at €160.00 every year, So RTE will benefit to and at the same time helping with the homeless crisis that is way out of control in our modern country today that we call home Ireland.

Folks what do you think should RTE donate this land back for the purpose of building homes if not for the whole homeless crisis at least help the people waiting to be housed on the housing list?

Its not like they (RTE) won’t get anything from it think how much they would get back from TV Licences Fee’s for every new house built on this 4 acres every year for many a year’s, It would be a good investment on their behalf.



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