Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men Album Release

Their latest album ” Voodoo was released earlier on this year Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men seem to know a thing or two when it comes to one of their styles ” Rockabilly.

Donna has been compared to the likes of Irish musician Imelda May and one only has to listen to their album to fully appreciate this comparison.

This album presents a brand new collaboration between singer / writer / performer Donna Dunne and guitarist / composer / producer – Philip Doyle (of Diablo Records UK).

For this project they trade under the name Donna Dunne and The Mystery Men featuring Donna Dunne – Vocals, Philip Doyle – Guitar, Phil Bloomberg (from The Polecats) – Doublebass and Craig Erikson- Drums

Donna is from Dublin City and Rockabilly is not the only style she embraces Rock “N” Roll, the blues, and in some form wild country plus with other styles.

Voodoo the single of the same name album is very good and it will have you humming along.

Shame the single is also brilliant you can really hear the edge of the rockabilly here and as I said it sounds like Imelda May but with an edge to it. Shame will have you tapping your feet and fingers to it its very good. I only heard it once before and I already like it.


Prime Bling (PB) can see big things happening for Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men. They will be one of these acts once you see, hear, you will not forget them.

You can buy Voodoo on Bandcamp.

Below is the video of Voodoo by Donna & The Mystery Men.

Video Sourced From You Tube & Image From Google Images.

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