Fund Set Up For Family who where forcibly evicted from their Dublin Home

A fund has been set up for a Dublin family who found themselves homeless after its been allegedly forcibly evicted from their rented family home. Prime Bling (PB) Very recently reported that there was to be a sit in in the offices of (DCC) Dublin City Council, on Wood Quay this morning to raise awareness of this case.

(PB) Has recently learned that Ronda an her family have been given accommodation near her child’s school.

Ronda and her family were violently evicted from their family home of 7 years and is currently fighting a case against the landlord in the High Court.

They have been able to stay in a hotel, from the solidarity of supporters in close vicinity of their son’s school as he is Autistic, any further disruptions to his routine by changing school after being forced from the only home their son knows, would have serious implications for his educational and social progress.

Please help support by getting the word out, or donating by any way you can to help ease Ronda and her families lives through this struggling time in forced homelessness.

The monies raised will be used by Ronda and her family to ease, help towards temporary accommodation  and fighting to gain access for longer term accommodation – self accommodate near her child’s school/supports.

Any other monies raised will be supporting Ronda, hopefully move from homelessness into a home.

Click on the link below to see the video of the of the eviction talking place.

Attached is the video of the brutal eviction: “This is our video of the brutality our family went through on the 31st of January. We were forcefully removed by the sheriffs in a illegal eviction as there was an appeal put in a day after the court date.

The reason behind the gofundme page is to help with accommodation for a long term solution. As we cannot get anywhere for our son who goes a special school in Balrothery, Tallaght Dublin 24, and we were offered a hostel in Gardner street, here in intercity so far away from the school in Tallaght, with just one bed for 3 people and another place in Clontarf, on the outskirts of Dublin City.
We need to stay in the area for our son who has complex special needs with diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, SPD”
Help spread the word!

Here is a link to the gofundme page then search  Support Forcibly Evicted Family  :// 

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