G.P.O Mass Sleep Out To Take Place in Dublin Saturday 23rd November 2019.

A public sleep out will be held in Dublin next week to raise awareness on the current homeless crisis. This event is been hosted by The Yellow Vest Ireland branch in support of their inland branches.

Hosted By: Yellow Vest Ireland.

When: Saturday 23rd November 2019 from 6:pm.

Where: Outside the (GPO) General Post Office, O’Connell Street, Dublin.

( Details:)

Yellow Vest Ireland are hosting a mass sleep out on the 23rd of November @ 4pm to Sunday 24th 10am and invite the public, all Homeless advocates groups and on the ground support volunteers to participate.

We are calling on the public to help highlight the every increasing disaster which is the homeless crisis in Ireland.

Our goal is to apply the greatest amount of public pressure to have this issue declared a National emergency. and force political will to address this crisis immediately.

We know the Irish Government, past and present political parties and their partners have been ignoring this issues for several years, as spectators the governments policies have contributed to the deaths of dozens of our citizens on the streets, thousands of our children eating their meals on the streets every day and much much more to name but two aspects of the true horror of the homeless crisis

Political will is not there to force any correction in policy so we need to apply the pressure.

Friday 29th there will be a by-election to fill 4 seats in the dial and an impending general election in the first quarter of 2020. We the people must finally stand up and be counted and have the oligarchy run for cover.

So please come join us for one night and help highlight the horrendous crisis of homelessness in Ireland, thank you.

What you should bring in with you for the sleep out:

Please bring appropriate warm clothing and sleeping bags with waterproofing clothing. Also if you can get a ground sleeping mat, some soup runs in the city may be able to give you a lend you one, if not get yourself some heavy duty cardboard to sleep on. There will be some soup runs operating in the city on the night. Bridges of Hope, will be there on the night from 7.15 to around 9.30pm, across the road On North Earl Street do drop over for a cup of tea, coffee, and or food items. Feed our Homeless will also be popping by to make sure everyone is OK with supplies.

Please spread the love and invite everyone you know on and off social media to take part and join the sleep out, also please share this post on all of your social media platforms thank you.

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