Gig Review – Beyonce Live @ Croke Park, Dublin – The Formation Tour

Having brought her Formation World Tour to Croke Park, Beyonce certainly knows a thing or two about putting on a decent live show. The Formation tour, which relates to her very first single released from her current album, Lemonade, seemed to be possibly one of her best shows ever, according to what the fans were saying. Lemonade is Beyonce’s seventh studio album to date.

The singer, who was on stage for nearly two hours, showed us what she was really made off. With plenty of activity on stage, including a giant 60 foot rotating cube, nicknamed “Monolith” by it’s designers.

We also had a huge water feature, fire being ejected over the stage, three screens, and endless backing dancers along with an all-female backing band, who were playing just off the main stage.

Here’s a taste of the show itself, uploaded to youtube by Cell Phone TV:

On Saturday the 9th of July, Croke Park in Dublin city was the venue to see this great show. Having arrived a little bit late to our seats on the Hogan Stand, me and my friends just missed Beyonce as she made her first of so many appearances on to the stage. Beyonce looked stunning, and in between costume changes, she belted out new material from her current hit album “Lemonade”.

At one point she and 19 backing dancers walked out in a single line, towards the fans who were in the pit. The stage-like platform was used to demonstrate just how big this tour really is, with all the backing dancers and Beyonce covering it.

The guitarist who was in the band just totally rocked it. She threw the guitar around like she was air playing.

Although most of the opening songs where off her Lemonade album, Beyonce did throw out a few old hits here and there, including one from her Destiny Child days. Singing away into a gold coloured microphone, she looked dazzling as ever.

The stage area was also light up by flames, they were so hot we could feel the heat from them. Towards the end of her show all one could see was a sea of lights been shone by the crowd, who were using their mobile phones as a lighting platform, it was like looking at thousands of mini lights they seemed to be dancing in mid air, just like starlights.

Beyonce, was worth waiting to see live, she could really hold herself quite well. She danced like a teenager on the stage, her energy was for all to see. She even made an appearance on a lift-style moving platform, moving upwards from below the stage.

The late pop star, Prince, would of been very proud of Beyonce, as the big screens went Purple in colour, before “Purple Rain” came on over the speakers – the original recording – with the crowd all joining in. The whole stadium was rocking. This was Beyonce’s way of remembering and honouring the late singer.

It appeared that not all the seating area was sold out, as one section directly facing the Hogan stand had plenty of empty seating, but whoever was there, they just loved the show.

Beyonce certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. She and her dancers seemed to be dancing happily in the water feature, sending splashes high into the air. The gold microphone was swapped for a black one while she kicked and splashed happily about on the stage.

Her outfits included a soft-coloured pink leather outfit like a jumpsuit, with full upper-body corset-type design with matching short hot pants, and knee-length leather boots. At one stage she also wore a red leather suit, which saw her dressed in a similar way.

Beyonce had so many outfits it was hard to try and keep up with the colours, especially when the light began to fade. At one stage Beyonce wore a veil which was about 6 feet in length trailing behind her. She also wore jackets that appeared to be similar to what the late Michael Jackson used to wear. At one point, she then walked around the stage with no shoes or boots on her. It did not seem to bother her at all that she was barefoot.

Her last song on the night was “Halo”, with about 75.000 people singing along with her. The stage was also turned into a big projector with images of Beyonce, her husband and rapper, Jay Z, and anyone who meant much to her, including images of her family, beamed across the stage.

While she and the crowd sang Halo, there was loads of streamers blown around the stadium. She also gave us an early digital footage of herself when she was younger, and at one point she was telling the camera people who shot this footage that she just recently celebrated her birthday.

The whole show was great, however, the only downer for me, was that it would’ve been much better if she performed mainly her greatest hits, rather than mainly promoting songs from her new album. I am aware she has to promote her new stuff, but I personally felt she missed loads from her other albums.

Beyonce thanked her fans for taking the time to come and see her. She engaged with her fans as much as possible, with the ones who were in the pit facing the stage even having a chance to touch her hands as she glided by. At some points she even knelt down to reach out to some fans who were not directly within her reach.

This was my first time to see Beyonce live, and me and my friends really enjoyed the show. Despite having a seat we were all up on our feet dancing for most of the two or so hour show. We were very blessed the rain decided to fall somewhere else, and we all took full advantage of it.

Would I go and see Beyonce again? Deffo.

Website: Beyonce – The Formation Tour

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