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The Klares, Live Dublin Gig Review                                                                By Alan Finn.


On Thursday 21st July, 2016  The Klares,  headlined a gig at ” Whelans Venue, on Wexford Street, In Dublin City.

This gig is only a teaser for what has to come from these guys.

The Klares are  ( Andy Burke)  who is the lead singer and plays the rhythm guitar)

( (Jordan Lawless ), who plays Bass, and does backing vocals.

( (Eoin O’Shea ), who plays the Guitar and does backing vocals.

( (Cormac Sheridan ) , who plays the Drums and does backing vocals.


Having only released a single in April of this year, titled ” Sparks Alone, which had received good reviews from not only here in Ireland but further afield in the states.

The Klares,  who were headlining the “Whelans gig showed us what they can do on the stage.

Despite the four lads all been under the age of 20, they showed maturity when it came to performing, and maturely with their music and lyrics.

They showed us how they have developed over the last four or so years that they have been together. What we saw at Whelans is only a glimpse of what is to come, from” The Klares.

Having arrived at Whelans, with my friend and up and coming rap and hip hop artist, Top Notch, we were greeted warmly by Becky, who is the Klares manager.

We went into the venue and set up our tripod and our camera.


First up was a support act ” Dubliner “ Luke Clerkin.

This guy was very good he was able to hit very high notes. And he reminded me of an “Ed Sheeran type.

He played the guitar and just brought you on a journey with his voice. He seemed to have one of those very haunting type ballad voices, and if anything was to go by at Whelans, he will have no problem and we will see a lot more of him in the very near future.

He did a few songs one  was called ” Gloria, which was still banging away in my head the next day.
Next up was ” Litehouse, who are from Monaghan, Ireland. This four piece were just totally brilliant.

They were like a cross from “The Arctic Monkeys, and Guns -N- Roses. The guitarist was very good at one stage he flung his guitar over his back and played away.

There lead singer was very good too. As so were the other two.

They engaged a lot to the fans who were there, the place was rocking, Litehouse where rocking. I would have no problems going to see them play live again.

Litehouse are ” Keelan O’Reilly,) lead singer and Rhythm guitar,” Peter Toal,  Drums)  “Colin Peppard, Bass and backing vocalist,)  and “Ben Goddard, lead Guitar.


The Klares, then came on and took to the stage at about 10.00 pm. The place suddenly came to life, it was like a good show becoming a better show.

They opened up the set with Voodoo Child, ( Cover ) their second song was their own it’s called ” Sundance Soldier, an  original, taken off their first EP, ( Dirty Birds )

My Generation ( Cover ) then we had an original ” Leave Without Me Tonight, also taken of their EP, Dirty Birds.


From what I seen on stage it was electric, the transformation that I have witnessed was moving at a rapid phase. These lads certainly know how to put on a show, not any old show but a great show.

When I was seen these guys play live nearly three  or so years ago, In Dublin City, I knew it there and then despite them been very young, they had it in them to become one of Ireland’s biggest bands.


The Klares,  played for nearly one hour, they did covers as well as their own. One such cover was excellent, it’s called, ” Lonely Boy,  from ” The Black Keys, they nailed it perfectly, if not a little better than the original, maybe it was because The Klares, did it live.

Another cover they nailed was” Valerie, their last song of the night covered by many including the late ” Amy Winehouse, only their version was more upbeat and had more rocking to it.

The whole show that the Klares did was very infectious. What I like about “The Klares, they all do backing vocals.


They seemed to have a fairly decent following towing around after them. The crowd seemed to know all of their songs, and were not shy about joining in with them. The whole place was rocking.

From what I seen that “Thursday, The Klares, will no doubt break Ireland, it’s only a matter of a very short time. These lads from ” Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland, have already played in big venues, and it will only be a matter of time before they will be headlining gigs in venues like Croke Park, here in Dublin City, or the 3 Arena, also in Dublin City.

Once you go and see “The Klares, play live you can only then really appreciate what these guys can do. Their style of music is Indie, and they take inspiration from the likes of the “Arctic Monkeys, to name at least one group.

As I have mentioned I have seen these lads play live at various venues, in and around Dublin City Ireland. Each and every time I see them live, they just get better and better.

In May of 2015, The Klares, won the Hot Press, Big Break School Award.

You can check out ” The Klares, on fb, and soundcloud, plus all social media pages.
You can listen to their tune ” Sparks Alone, on Prime Blings page,  (here is the link)

You can also check out out ” Leave Without Me Tonight, ( Here )

Leave without me tonight is taken of their very first EP, Dirty Birds, and ” Cookoo, taken from their second EP, with the  same name.

We at Prime Bling, your favorite online digital Entertainment News Guide, want to wish the lads the very best in the future, and well done for achieving what you have done so far.

Also well done to Becky……

Image taken from The Klares Official Web Page and songs taken from Soundcloud

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