Hello I’m Cale Smith

Hello, I’m Cale Smith.

Star Sign ( Gemini )

Hometown is, Dublin City


Its the last Saturday of  August 2016, I am in a studio in “Finglas,  north of Dublin City Ireland. I am here to talk with Finglas, native Cale Smith.

Cale Smith, has been very busy lately with the 2nd EP, titled Development, he has been kept very busy with gigs and only recently played support to another up and coming Dublin group, called ” Motion Control, at the Button Factory, here in the Temple bar area of Dublin City.

Cale, has been also very busy with helping a 3 year old cancer victim, Millie Mangan,  “Cale has set up a public fund selling his entire collection of music, from his  2nd EP, Development, in aid of Millie.

This is a very brave thing to do, as I explained Cale Smith, is only at his peak as an up comer, and already he is giving back to someone who needs his help.

Little Millie Mangan is also from Dublin City, and she is quite ill with type stage 3 of  lymphoma T Cancer.

Millie, needs help with  funds to see her through her treatment. There are various public fundraisers on social media, here is a link to ” Cale’s  campaign. ( Read)  Please support where ever you can.

Cale Smith, has released two EP’s to date, This is It,  &  Development  Link, this young Finglas man certainly has his eye on the ball, and wants to kick that ball on center stage.

Cale, has a good drive pushing him on, and failure is not an option for him.

One only has to listen to his music, and his lyrics,  to understand this , this is where he must get the desire to push on.

I asked Cale, where  he takes his inspiration from, he replied, he really likes the late Irish Rapper, Lunatic, he also takes inspiration from “Costello, another Irish rapper.

I asked him what other bands, he likes, he was straight in with ” The Rum Jacks, the very folk, group, from down under Australasia, who he only went to see them play last May here in Dublin City. The Rum Jacks, are like the Irish group, The Pouges.

He also likes UK’s rap & hip hop Lady Leshurr, who he met, and saw her play in one of her Dublin Shows.

He also likes, Bob Marley, Kings Of Leon, and the Irish groups and solo artists he likes are “The Dubliners, “Christy Moore, Damian Dempsey, “Shane McGowan,  and Irish up and comers “AWOL Active, “Duramno, Motion Control, New Kind, and Irish rap group, On The Low.

I asked Cale, who he would like to work with he replied “Lady Leshurr,  and Irish up and coming groups like “Motion Control, AWOL Active.

Cale would also like to work with Irish rappers,  GI, Costello, New Kind, and work with Shane McGowan, Christy Moore, Damian Dempsey, & Irish Rap & Hip Hop group, ” On The Low.

Cale informed me he was working on new material and hoped to have his new EP, released by next year 2017.

He has already laid down some tracks for it. I asked him would the new music be different from his current two EP’s, who knows he laughs, but I like to keep my music real, but with an edge on it.

I asked him what was his favorite quote, he replied, Live For It Die For It.

This is not my first time to hook up with Cale Smith, I first met Cale when I interviewed  him when his debut EP, titled, This Is It,  was released you can read that article below  this article was published on line by the fountain resource group, who are based in James Street, Dublin 8, and have a community web page on line.  (http://www.frg.ie/frg-updates/dublins-rap-scene-growls-with-a-new-talent-cale-smith/ )

I then had the pleasure of reviewing his latest EP, Development (http://www.frg.ie/useful-info/new-ep-release-by-cale-smith/ )

You can follow Cale Smith, on his social media pages, on fb,Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram,

The way Cale is progressing it won’t be long before I will be meeting up with him  again in the future, watch this space.

Below are two music video’s sourced from You Tube, by Cale Smith, one is called, In this City taken of his debut EP, Development, and one is off his 1st EP, This Is It, and the song has the same title.

You can buy Cale Smith’s music on this link ( ) For Millie Mangan, you can buy 1 track for €1.00 in digital form, or €5.00 for the EP. You can pick up a CD, aka, physicals by going directly to his fb pages here is a link (https://www.facebook.com/Cale-smith-186473044850583/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE )

Cale has two fb pages his music one is Cale Smith, & his personal one is Cale J Pierre Smith, but which ever one you go to, you can follow his progress with not only the Millie Mangan fund, but his music too.

We at Prime Bling, would like to wish Cale Smith, the very best for the future with his music and we hope you get behind him by supporting Cale, with either the Millie fund, or buy his music.

Its vital we all support up & coming musicians.

Video’s from You Tube

Photo Credit, Alan Finn

1st up from his first  EP, ” This Is It,  and its called, It Could Happen To You, feat Mic P,

2nd song is from his current EP, Development, and this is called ” In This Story.

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