Hello I’m Mad AB Slim, aka Andrew Boland.

Meet Mad AB Slim: Alan Finn

Andrews Hometown is ” Drogheda

Status Unsigned

Star Sign Aries 

Meet Andrew Boland, as he is known by his family and friends, but on stage or in the rap, and, hip hop world he is known as, Mad AB Slim. Hailing originally from, Finglas, north of Dublin City, but now living in, Drogheda, here in Ireland, this young man has big dreams to make it as a rap, and hip hop artist not only here in mainstream Ireland, but Europe, then worldwide.

Andrew who is only 20 years of age, has the ability to create and put out decent lyrics over backing beats and music.  When MAD AB Slim is, live he is very good. I have seen MAD AB Slim preform and I think he is very good. Also noted when he is either on the stage or in a music video he has great facial expressions, its like he is just getting in to the moment, in each take, or stage of his songs.

Andrew, who only began rapping in (2012) released his first debut EP two years later, in (2014,) titled “Distraction”, which has been view favorably in the past by critics, people in the rap, and music game and including myself.  The Distraction EP, has six excellent tracks, including my own favorite “Life on the Edge”.

Life On The Edge, at the start of the intro and throughout the song, and then in the out-row has a great but very unique Irish sound, like someone playing the fiddle, but playing it in a way, like teasing the fiddle. Andrew comes to life in this song, carefully dropping the lyrics over the beats.

As I already pointed out formally from,  Finglas, Andrew moved out to ,Drogheda, with his family when he was nine years of age. Andrew took to writing as a past time. He met up with another up and coming Finglas native Miss Elayneous, aka Elayne Harrington, who gave a workshop in the, Axis in Ballymun. It was at this workshop that Andrew, learned to take from what was inside and put it it outside firstly on paper then into a rap. He said it was the best feeling ever and he felt humbled to work alongside, Elayne, another rapper and hip hop artists. It would appear that, Finglas, seems to be the hub of activity when it comes to the rap and hip hop world. I mean that in a good positive way.

In March of this year 2016, he was out in his old home stomping grounds, Finglas, shooting a video, for the track “I lost It”, directed by “DG Media, aka Dan Gills. He was also supported in, Finglas by another up and coming rap artist, Cale Smith. Cale is no stranger when it comes to helping up and coming artists.

  • I asked Andrew, who inspires him? He replied Lauren Hill, from the group ,The Fugees, Queen Latifah, and Florence and the machine, I do like Florence myself.

Andrew lent his support at  this year’s very first “Fatima Rocks Music Festival”  without any trouble and with very little time warning, he took to the stage and gave us a few tracks. This event happened  on Sunday 15th May at the F2 Center, Ruben Street Fatima, here in Dublin 8, Ireland.

Here are some tunes by Mad AB Slim, 1st one is called, I lost it, as I said this video was shot in and around Finglas, North of Dublin City, by DG Media



Second One is called Dark Alley, watch out for, Finglas native, “Cale Smith, who also appears in this video.

We at (PB ) Prime Bling, the platform for anything up & coming, would like to wish MAD AB Slim, aka Andrew Boland, the very best for the future & we will look forward to catching up with him again soon.

Mad AB Slim, came up to Fatima, on Sunday 17th April 2016, and gave me some of the material that I used for this article in which was originally posted on line by myself for the fountain resource group.Here is the original article (http://www.frg.ie/culture/meet-mad-a-b-slim/ )

Videos sourced from You Tube

Image credit, Alan Finn.

Link sourced from Soundcloud, and the track is called, Life On The Edge



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