Hello, we are Awol Active

Hello, ” We Are “Awol Active. By Alan Finn,

Emerging from the “Pearse Street, area of ” Dublin City, Awol Active, have so much to look forward to when it comes to their music.

This very unique three piece band, have only just recently released their debut ( EP, titled “Unestimated, watch out for their EP review on ( PB ) Prime Bling the home for anything up & coming.

They have been very busy with gigs too, and only just recently they played support to another up & coming, Dublin Based Group, (MC ) “Motion Control, at the Button factory, here in “Temple Bar, Dublin City.

So who are ” Awol Active, ?

Simon Heapes, (21 ) who plays the bass, and does lead vocals.

Adam Boland, (21 ) who plays the guitar.

Conor Boland, ( 18 ) who plays the drums, and does backing vocals.

Their hometown is ” Dublin City.

Status Unsigned

They are all from the Pearse Street, area, of the docklands of Dublin City.
They have only been playing together only a few years.

They have known each other for years, before they became known as ” Awol Active.
I asked the guys where they get their inspiration from?
They get their inspiration from , many of Ireland’s greatest groups including, ” U2, Thin Lizzy, and ” Aslan.
They also get inspiration from groups who were out in the 1990’s including ” Blink 182.
In fact ask anyone who has ever seen ” Awol Active, play live, they do a pretty good cover, of All The small Things, originally by ” Blink 182.

I asked the lads where would they like to see themselves in ten years time, (2026 ) they answered by saying they would like to have a few world tours under their belts, and have at least a couple of albums.

From what I have seen when I have seen “Awol Active, play live, this can possibly happen. They have a good drive in them, and that is what pushes them on.

Awol Active, can deliver and what more do I have to say.

Have a listen to “Awol Actives, great tune from their debut EP, Unestimated the song is it’s called ” Radioactive, Source taken from youtube

Image Credit, Alan Finn.

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