The Birth Canal at Victor's Way in Wicklow

The Hidden Gem: Victor’s Way Meditation Garden in Wicklow

In life we go on so many journeys. We may take the car, catch a plane, a train, or take a bus. We humans will do many journeys over of our life times. Some journeys may be short and sweet, others may be drawn out and become very long. So matter what kind of journey one can go on, it can make us think.

A view of the Sugar Loaf Mountain, from Victor's Way in Wicklow
A view of the Sugar Loaf Mountain, from Victor’s Way in Wicklow
Recently a friend brought me on a journey with her, when I say a journey with her, I mean a journey in her company, but a journey within too. I was brought up to a beautiful place called Victor’s Way, which is situated in the rolling Wicklow Hills, near Roundwood, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Its an area on on nine hectares, with statues, sculptures, rivers, and a forest area. It’s a garden if you like for adults who wish to reflect on themselves. It’s a garden where one can have a spiritual awakening. It’s a place where one can go, enter through what is known as a ‘Birth Canal’, which is like if you are passing through a womb, and going back in, and starting all over again.

Victor’s Way is a place where one can go and reflect in their current situation and make changes to their lives. Because once you go in you will question yourself and your lifestyle.

Once you pass through the Birth Canal, also known as Victoria’s Way, you will find yourself in a grassy area, which you will find life size animals and Buddhas. Its filled with very unique Vinayaka sculptures. Each piece can be as tall as 6 to 9 feet and they can weigh anything from two to five tonnes.

First up we came across a Gannesh. It was here you can tell the Gannesh, that what you have left behind before you went down the birth canal. You release your fears and negativity. Once you do this the Gannesh then proceeds to writes it down in his book.

The Wisdom Seat, aka the Cobra Throne at Victor's Way
The Wisdom Seat, aka the Cobra Throne at Victor’s Way
And then you make your way to another area and another sculpture, in this park. The next seating area, is called the Wisdom Seat, aka as the Cobra Throne. Its a scale of a Cobra Snake, it’s about six feet off the ground on three large cement base stones. You can actually sit on the seat directly under the Cobra, and the idea behind this is think about wisdom, and feel the wisdom within. You can sit there for as long as you wish, and not only are you feeling the wisdom, you have lovely views of the Sugar Loaf mountain peaking up from the Wicklow mountains.

We were very lucky the day was lovely and sunny, the view was very relaxing and very peaceful. Another reminder why this park was wonderful to visit.

We then came across figures known as ‘The Dance Of New Life’ – which is a celebration of your new life. It’s a collection of Elephant figures known as Ganesha (the plural for Ganesh). I used to think that Mouses and Elephants did not get on, but that’s not true at Victor’s Way, because on each Elephant figure there was a stone mouse, a symbol of friendship if you like.

As we progressed around Victor’s Way, we came across different figures, and some had information beside each piece informing you what the figures meant in greater detail. The stone work that each figure was made of was out of this world, as I said as we progressed through this very peaceful park, our mind was also going on a journey. Both me and my friend experienced peace, calmness, and the beautiful sound of total silence. It was like we were mediating as we walked this park.

There are many Ganesh all over the Victor's Way gardens in Wicklow, Ireland
There are many Ganesh all over the Victor’s Way gardens in Wicklow, Ireland
At various points throughout this park, there was plinths set up for people to lie down and mediate. This is known as ‘Forest Bathing’. I had a go on one, and the view straight up towards the sky was lovely. All I could hear was the wind blowing gently, and all I could see was the trees blowing gently and freely, with the sun peeking in through what was now my vision. It was like looking up into paradise.

At one point my friend and I found ourselves at a river looking at a boat moored. The reason for this boat moored was to explain that whoever sailed in this boat, was their last journey on earth, and the little Island in the middle was their Temple, where they were buried.

The whole experience was lovely, it was so calm, and so very relaxing. It was like a spritiual awakening for me. Whatever you were thinking about before you entered the birth canal, was long gone, and the new feeling that I picked up on was a very deep but very calming effect, and I felt a bit light headed too.

Are you thinking of visiting Victor’s Way?

Victors Way, is open to the public from April To September of every year, every day from 12.30 pm to It costs just €5.00 per adult to do this wonderful tour. The €5.00 entry fee goes towards maintaining the grounds, and looking after the every day of running this wonderful park.

Visit their website here:

Also if you buy any gifts, you are helping the poor in India. There is a small gift shop at the end of the tour where you can pick up anything from singing bowls, to dream boxes, wrist bracelets, necklaces, etc. They are very cheap to buy, so cheap infact that you may decide to buy a bunch of stuff.

If you are in the Wicklow area of Ireland, either on holiday or just passing through, go visit these amazing gardens, as it’s a hidden gem. Victor Langfield, is the owner of this park. He is also the curator.

Although it is a big park area with forests and rivers for adults it’s not ideal for young children as it’s not a theme fun park for children. Its especially designed for adults in mind, people over the 28 mark, to be exact.

You can also bring a picnic and sit down and enjoy the stunning views. Once you pay in you can stay on the grounds for as long as you like, once you leave at 6 pm.

If you’re going to go up to this wonderful park, bring some outdoor clothes as the weather can change very quick here in Ireland. It can be lovely and summery one minute, then it can lash with rain the next. Also bring some water with you to drink as you go around the park, it can take up anything up to three or more hours to do the full tour.

Features and Statues @ Victors Way

You will see…
Victoria’s Gate, (The Birth Canal)
Ganesh Group
The Cobra Throne (The Wisdom Seat)

Figures include…
The Awakening
Ferry Man
Split Man
Nirvana Man
Fasting Buddha.

There is so much to see and reflect to, do yourself a big favour visit Victor’s Way, before it shuts at the end of September, it is an amazing and totally unforgettable experience.

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