Homeless Man In Street

Homeless (Poetry) – How Does It Feel To Be On The Streets?

Walking down the street, Late at night
Not feeling wrong, not feeling right
I don’t know where I am going, but I am not going home

Walking down the road
Thinking in my head
Not wanting very much
Clean sheets and a bed

Walking down a lane, one of the many but they all look the same
A dead end, or a cul de sac
You can only go one way
No going back

Over a wall or under a bush, taking my time
there is no rush
Every day is the same, But when you’re homeless
It’s no game

This poem was wrote by Dublin-based poet, Daniel Lynch, who has kindly allowed us to publish it here on Prime Bling, Dublin’s favourite entertainment and news blog! If you would like to submit your writings (poetry and short stories) for consideration, click on the following link to see how you can write for us.

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  1. Great poem, in such few lines it really does give you a feeling for what someone can go through, emotionally, whilst being homeless. Also looking forward to seeing some of your poems Alan, keep up the great work!

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