Irish people march against water charges in Dublin City

Its Saturday 8th April 2017 It’s a little to and Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide is outside Heuston train station here in Dublin City. We are there to meet up with the 4,000 people who are already there as part of what is know believed to be possibly the last public march against water charges.

When (PB) Arrived we were floored by the amount of people who were all standing around with their banners, flags, costumes, etc

People from all walks of life and from all counties in Ireland where present despite an ongoing bus dispute with Irish Public Bus Service, Bus Eireann which had a direct impact on the volume of people travelling up from outside Dublin City.

There was plenty of Garda about directing the traffic and marching directly in front and at the back of the crowd. At one time (PB) Counted up to 10 Garda and up to two Garda vehicles and two Garda motorbikes in and around Heuston train station.


Its a little past 2. pm when the march begins and we all take our place in the massive crowd and walk the route into Dame Street where a stage with big TV screens was set up.

(PB) Got talking to a few people in the crowd and we spoke to 76 Year old Frank O’Flarethy who came up from Cork City in a car earlier on that morning despite his age Frank told me that he has been on all the water marches and he strongly believes that water is our human right and we should not have to pay for it. As we progressed down the quays the crowd began to sing chants like Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole We Won’t Pay, Edna Kenny Not A Penny, to name just a couple.

As we progressed down the quays we passed the four courts and we could see homeless people asleep on the steps and another young man begging on the steps with a tent set up behind him. Onlookers looked stunned as the crowd passed them singing their happy songs.

We went up Aaron Quay then went north on to Wellington Quay then crossed the bridge up on to Parliament street. While we were crossing the bridge we met up with another huge group who had previously met earlier outside Connolly Train Station here in Dublin City and the crowd swelled in size. We then took a right turn at the top of Parliament street facing Dublin Castle, then on to Dame Street.

We ended up on Dame Street where there was a big stage set up with huge big TV type screens. When we got there Evelyn Campbell, the singer song writer was on stage giving out a few tunes. We had various speakers (PB) Was given a stage list and it follows.

Evelyn Campbell.

TD Brid Smith,

TD Joan Collins,

TD Paul Murphy

Then we had Glen Hansard from the Irish group The Frames along with Matthew Deveral who gave us a welcoming tune.

Stephen Murphy.

Vera Twomey.

TD Catherine Murphy.

TD Mary Lou McDonald.

Brendan Condron.

Mark Fitzgerald NRBU.

Terry McMahon.

Then to close the event we had more music from Glen Hansard and Matthew Deveral.

(PB) Would put a figure of about 50,000 plus who was at this march. Irish media TV Station (RTE ) Did put a figure at of about 10,000 People. They must of missed the other 40,000 or so people all one could see from the main stage looking directly down at the crowd was thousands upon thousands of people holding flags and banners as far as the eye could see and beyond.

(PB) Would also like to add that yesterday march in Dublin City was also remembering 3 people who have recently passed away and they are (Joe McGouran) (Joe Kelly) and (Jimmy Sharkey) (RIP )

The event ended at 4.20 pm

Image Prime Bling.

Video’s Of This Event Will Follow Soon.



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