Irish people Unite at Recent right To Water campaign, as it hits Dublin City Ireland

United Ireland Water March.                                                

Its Saturday 17th September 2016, we are in Dublin City, Ireland and the sun is out giving us some much needed heat rays, and the mood is very up lifting.

Its a little past 1.45 PM, and I am standing on a side street on, known as “St Micheal Hill, which is directly under Christchurch Cathedral Arch, here in Dublin City Ireland. Traffic at this point is passing some drivers beep and give the thumbs up, other drivers look but don’t engage with the fairly big crowd who are now standing on both pavements. People are also standing at the top of the hill which leads on to High Street, or down the hill leads to the quays. I was there going from one person to another getting their personal story, why they were there.

Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 says no group’s have planned this meeting point and it appears that their message has worked, as there a few hundred people scatted around St Micheal’s Hill, and High Street.

Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 says no group, have promoted this meeting point using various ways including digital and paper format. The Dublin 8, and the Dublin 12, says no groups, are apart of the bigger picture which is now known as, The Right To Water campaign.

Today’s march has been organised by this group, and they are seeking an end to ,Irish Water Charges, not a suspension that is now in place. I asked various people why they where there, and most who I spoke to on that day, said they are sicked to death, with the current acting Irish government, and the way the country is been ran. Its not only the water that came up, homeless was another subject we touched on as so was the recent Apple Tax.

I interviewed some people who informed me that until the last couple of years, they were at home and where not inspired in any way to come out and support any form of protesting, but the way the whole water charges subject is gone, they felt they had no option but to stand up and be counted.

I asked everyone I spoke to where they part of any political party, and only one person answered yes, and that was TD, Joan Collins, from the party, Independent for change and was aka as “United Left.

I asked the people are they apart of any community groups and most said no. Another man stressed out to point that the people who are ruining our country are nothing but Scandalous crooks. He could not understand how (FG) got back into power sharing despite them been voted out.

At a little past 2.15pm the crowd came of the pavements and suddenly the road was now theirs to march down the hill to the quays. At this point I could not see any members of the Garda out directing traffic. The crowd then went down the hill, I stayed behind to see a group who were dressed in costume as a funeral party, they even had a coffin.

As we came down the hill, it was suggested that the funeral party lead this march. We all waited on Ennis Quay, for the group who met at, Huestown Train Station, also here in Dublin City. We didn’t have to wait to long, all one could see was hundreds possibly thousands of flags, banners, balloons etc when the two groups met there was a huge cheer.

The funeral party ,then led this group which it was impossible to put a figure at. We marched down the Quays till we came on to Capel Street Bridge, it was then I spotted one “Garda Motorcyclist, who was doing their best to stop traffic from coming on to the Quays via Capel Street.

Unlike other marches we then crossed, Capel Street bridge, and walked up towards, Dublin Castle, by this time another group had joined us, from the Connolly Train Station. The three groups were now one huge big group.

We then walked down, Dame Street, to the bemusement of shoppers, Tourists, and business owners, who all came out to see what the fuss was all about.

The 3rd group to join us had a huge balloon in a shape of an, Apple, which took about four men to control it this balloon was colored black. By the time we turned on to, Georges Street, more Garda joined us, I counted seven altogether which included cyclists, motorcyclists, and walkers. We must of all looked and sounded a little different to what a normal Saturday shopping afternoon, would of been liked.

I made my way to the front of this march, and I struggled to see the end of the march, this march seemed to snake on for ever. All I could see where banners, balloons, flags, etc As we progressed towards, “St Stephens Green, all you could hear was people chanting and some banging small like drums.  While I was making my way up the crowd, I got talking to various people, one of these was a man from Clondalkin, his name was, Frank McCabe, I asked him was he an activist, he replied no, I asked him why was he out today, he replied, he too was sick to death the way the country was been ran.

We ended up outside and  beside the Department Of Justice and equality, Building  on St Stephen’s Green,  where a stage had been erected. While we approached the stage we could hear live music been played. On Stage was a group known as Red Empire, and after a few songs of them, it was business as usual once the crowd actually stopped marching.

We had speakers including 

Micheal Keilliher, a right to water activists 

Next we had Des Fagan, 

After him we where shown a video on the big screen.

Then we had, Lynn Boylan, (SF ) after Lynn, we had  Christy O’Neill, who read out and gave us his own very personal story about been homeless aka hidden homeless. 

Then we had, Barry Williams, and his daughter Alisha. Barry, is one of the alleged accused known as the Jobstown Not Guilty.

Up Next we had TD, Joan Collins, Independents 4 Change, and was also known as United Left.

Then we had Stephen Murphy, who wrote and preformed a poem titled ” Before You Push The chair, this poem is also on you tube, its about Mental Health.

Next we had, “Vicky Donnelly, then we had a Dublin Bus driver called, Bill McCamley, talking about why they went on strike.

Up next we had Barry Finnegan, from ( TTIP) Information Network,

Then we had, TD Paul Murphy, from AAA/PBP,

Then to finish of the day we had a tune from, the ever so popular Evelyn Campbell. Evelyn is no stranger when it comes out to lending support to these events.

The whole day was very good, I would easily put a figure at the crowd at around 75.000 people, but on main stream media RTE, they put a figure as low as 15.000 people which I can say they made a mistake, or they counted every sixth (6th) person, instead of every first person.

No matter what the figure was on the day, it appeard that the people of Ireland stood side by side, United together, and that is all that mattered last, Saturday here in Dublin City, Ireland.

Here is Stephen Murphy, with his video titled, Before You Push The Chair

And here is Evelyn Campbell, video titled, Robbing Peter, this is the song Evelyn preformed on stage at this peaceful protest.

And to finish it off here is Christy O’Neill, who spoke on the day, about his own personal story been homeless with his partner and four kids.

All video’s where sourced from you tube

Image credit: Google Image’s



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