Isn’t This Great For Dublin 8 (Part 1) – Meet C+C Family Butchers Of Fatima

The area around Dublin 8 is so big in fact there are about 50,000 houses, apartments, plus business and if I’m correct there seems to be a lot of new business setting up shop here in the Dublin 8 areas. We have had our fair share of negative publicity and in fairness this negativity is only caused by a handful of people who bring down or try and bring down the Dublin 8 area. This small scale of negative people do not match the good and positive people that live in the Dublin 8 area.

Is in it great for Dublin 8 is a new series that Prime Bling (PB) has developed for you. It covers a topic that holds some hope for business people looking in and servicing the local people. In the recession we like any other area seen business close and or move out to new pastures. This caused a huge impact to our communities and we the people suffered with the lack of services in our area.

Toady (PB) looks at business owners who despite the negativeness and the recession came in and opened up a business giving hope to our communities at the same time serving us and giving us some form of a community family based business.

Say Hello To C+C Family Butchers 

Kicking of the series we meet C+C Family Butchers who are based here in what is known as the Plaza Herbert complex here in the Fatima area of Dublin 8. David Dunphy, and his staff have been serving very high quality meat products and in the past has extended this by adding in the dairy products including milk and other shop products including bread, vegetables, as before C+C opened up their shop we had to walk to other shops in the Dolphins Barn area or Cork Street to get these products, this would show you just how bad things where we didn’t and still don’t have a local shop in our area.

C+C Family Butchers is a god send really to our area and it just goes to show you how badly we needed local business setting up shops here in the Dublin 8 area.

David and his team at C+C know only to well how much people have been struggling with finical problems and rather than ignore this they embraced it by doing daily meat packages. They then added a weekend special and any day you go over to them they will have a different meat package on and they will add of take off any meat products at your request.

January is a time when people make server changes to their lifestyles and many start a new diet. C+C have now embraced that too, and are now offering what are fast becoming known as the big loser packs. These packs are packed with high energy foods including turkey fillets and or stir fry’s. You can pick up a daily pack form or a mere €20.00 and that includes 3 chicken fillets, 3 pork chops, 3 pepper steaks ,3 spice burgers ,1 lb chicken stir fry, 1 lb round mince, and 1 lb dice beef.

And it gets better if you have a menu and or a list of a trainer or gym that you have to eat bring the list over to David and the team at C+C, and they will cater for you and your family and friends.

Or if you want you can pick up a big loser meat pack you get 4 turkey burgers, 1 lb turkey mince , 1 lb turkey stir fry, 1 pack turkey rashers, 1 pack turkey sausages, 1 full chicken manor farm, 4 large chicken fillets, and a tray of eggs (20 ) All for a mere €30.00 

You can check out these packages and more at their fb page and its C+C Family Butchers. Or if you are in the area you can visit them at Unit 8 Ruben Plaza Herbert here in the Fatima area or you can phone them on 01-453-8302 and they open Monday to Friday 9:am to 5.20:pm

Free Delivery on local orders over €20.00. Like Them On fb. 

C+C currently have a young local man who was in FAS training and now is training to be butcher, this just shows you it can be done. By supporting C+C we are also supporting up and coming jobs to our area.

Any rent collected from C+C Family Butchers goes directly back in to the F2 Center, here in Fatima and helps to keep the vital services going.




Images Credit: Alan Finn



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