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Isn’t This Great For Dublin 8 (Part 2) – J+R Bros Barbers

Last time around in this new series of is in this great for Dublin 8, we said hello to a local business and that was C+C family butchers here in the Fatima area. Well we are staying in the same area of what is known as the Plaza Complex here in the Herberton area of Fatima and going around the corner to what is known as Ruben Street.

This area is part of the regeneration programme that saw the old Fatima complex been knocked down and rebuilt. As well as houses we have apartments and have business setting up or have been set up and they include cafe’s and gyms. We also have a very good community center known as the F2 which I believe stands for the Fatima 2.

J+R Bros Barbers is a family run barbers which is run by two brothers Jamie and Richie Coffey. Having been barbers for most of their lives and having worked under their father Jimmy, who was also a barber who has since sadly passed away. Jimmy had a fair few shops in and around Dublin City and it was at one of his shops that he set up in (UCD) University College Dublin here in Dublin 4, that is still going today. Jamie & Richie have taken over the ruining of the (UCD) shop keeping the traditional going in honor of their father Jimmy.

In 2013 an opportunity opened up when a shop which was once ran as a trainee ladies hairdressing saloon became idle and an opportunity became a reality for the two brothers. The shop was already kitted out as a hairdresser saloon and the brothers took it on and J+R Bros Barbers became a valuable service provider to the locals living in and around the Dublin 8 area.

J+R Bros Barbers is the only barber in the Fatima area of the Plaza and it has been proven a big success with its clients who many of them are from the same family. Today they may cut the dads hair, then his son would come in then the sons brothers, then the nephews its an everyday circle explains Jamie.

Today’s clients are a mixed bunch and he would put a figure at 50-50 meaning that 50% of his clients are Irish and the other 50% are of a foreign national.

Things are changing in the area says Jamie, we have the new children’ s hospital going up and we have Dolphin’s Barn regeneration going on at the moment that should have a good impact in the area when it comes to jobs for the locals. As it is in the Dublin 8 it has in the past number of years attracted some decent digital companies in to the Digital Hub which is only down the road at the back of the Guinness Hop store on James Street.

I asked Jamie how the local’s reacted to him & Richie coming in and setting up shop? The local people of this area have kindly accepted us in to their community and to their hearts. We have always felt accepted and appreciated and that means a lot to us. As kids myself and Richie played football with Dolphins Barn and played sports in and around this area so we know many a people.

J+R Bros Brothers is a mans barber shop but occasionally they will do a ladies hair style if its a dry cut and a short one at that. Their prices are very good and any cash collected from J+R Bros goes back in to the area and like C+C Family Butchers and it stays in the area injecting cash into the F2 center which looks after the day ruining of its services including the local Creche.

J+R Bros Brothers are also very much involved with the community when it comes to fundraising, they take part by talking part in the what is know becoming known as the Movember Event which raises cash for cancer. They also offer their services for another charity event known as Shave or Dye which is also helping with cash for cancer researches etc

J+R Bros Barbers know only to well that they like to give back out to the community and by doing the events listed above and other charitable subjects that they like to do for the area including donating spot prizes.

J+R Bros Barbers last year 2016 along with local business including C+C Family Butchers donated cash for the very first Fatima Rock’s Music Festival which was held in the F2 Center here in Fatima.

J+R Bros Barbers can be found on fb, do like their page no better than that do visit them.

If you are in the area you can call to them at Ruben Street Fatima, they are open 6 days a week.

Monday 1.00 -6.00,Tuesday 10.00-6.00,Wednesday 10.00-6.00,Thursday 10.30-7.00,Friday 10.00-6.00.and Saturday 10.00-4.00

Image Credit: Alan Finn



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