Its all about the Covid 19 Virus everything else is sidelined.

For the past 12 months or so, the world around us has changed dramatically and most of us at some stage have fallen under the spell of the Covid 19 Virus. We are now living in a world where the governments now have a say in what we do and where we go. They are calling this a lock down and or a restriction and it was supposed to be put in place to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 Virus.

But by taking these actions and restricting peoples’ movements this has caused an awful lot of other problems for the people.

People with mental health issues are cracking up. In some cases people who don’t normally suffer from mental health issues, are now showing signs of depression and or are having other mental problems.

Suicide rates here in Ireland have jumped up dramatically and despite the rise in these figures it never make it to the main stream media reports.

Most doctor surgeries are closed and if you need to speak to a doctor you now have to tell the reception what the problem is. This alone puts people off after all your medical complaints are highly private and confidential.

You can’t even go on public transport without having to wear a mask although there is no real benefit in wearing one as it doesn’t stop you from picking up the virus. Yet they are telling passengers it’s mandatory to wear one and passengers cannot board unless they are wearing one. Most supermarkets, now have electronic traffic lights systems in place over their doors, green enter, red don’t.

Most of the major shops are closed and have been since last December and many of them will never open again for business. Pubs, Night Clubs, etc, have become a thing of the past. Gone are the days you could go out and have a pint if you wanted one.

Today we see Gardai hop on public transport ie, The Luas, and issue fines to passengers who refuse to wear a mask, even though there isn’t any medical benefits to wearing one.

We can’t enjoy a little drive out, as we are not supposed to be venturing outside a 5 Kilometer zone, and at times when you do go out, even if you’re still within the 5 Kilometer zone, Gardai are stopping you at various check points and wanting to know where you’re going, and if you’re travelling on a non essential journey you too can be fined for this.

Shops like barbers, hairdressers, beauty salons, are not allowed to open as they are deemed non essential. So technically speaking you’re not allowed to have a hair cut says the government. If you want to buy any clothing items you have to do this on line as all clothing stores, shops are also closed. But what about people who don’t have access to the internet and or don’t have access to a debit and or a credit card, how are they expected to shop on line?

After last years 1st lock down, pub traders had to start charging customers to come into their premises. Customers now had to dine in, in order to drink in the pub.

They also put into place a tracking system for customers, where they now had to book into the pubs, etc, and once in, their details were logged and recorded in a book. Gardai personal and HSE officials, were allowed to randomly call in and look at these books. If any of these business failed to log the required information they risked being fined on the spot. Did this have a direct impact on the virus from spreading? If so how come they are claiming the virus spikes are on the rise again.

The HSE, are now telling business how to run their business while following the so called guide lines. In most cases the government is now controlling every business type, allowing one to open, while shutting another.

Elderly people in nursing homes have been struggling since last year. They are not allowed to have loved ones and or visitors, but they can have visitors looking at them through the windows in the nursing homes. This is something similar to a set up they have in a Zoo .Do you think the elderly people are feeling included?

Less than 1 year later after the Covid 19 Virus was first identified, there is now a vaccine ready to be rolled out to  the people, bear in mind the vaccines that are now available for most people here in Ireland, and the world, will not prevent you from getting the virus. And if you don’t take the vaccine there is now talk of you not been able to leave the country (ie) go abroad for a holiday, and or having to quarantine, and or isolate for a period of 10 or so days at your own expense in a hotel in a strange county. As we write about this Gardai personnel are stopping travelers going to the airport wanting to know where they are going and if its deemed necessary or non essential travel, travelers are being fined and in some cases prevented from going about their business.

So now we have a vaccine for the Covid 19 virus. How come we don’t have in place a vaccine for other related topics in this country which include the following:

People With Mental Health issues:

People who are having suicidal thoughts:

Homeless People:





People who are losing their business due to not being allowed to trade normally.

This list can go on and on. How come its all about the Covid 19 Virus? And everything else is side lined.


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