Justice for Mary Boyle 40th Year Anniversary Public March Hits Dublin City

It’s Monday 20th March 2017 and Prime Bling (PB) Is outside a building known as the Garda Ombudsman on a street known as middle Abbey Street here in Dublin City. We are not here to engage with anyone working in this building but we are here on invite to what is now known as Justice For Mary Boyle.

Mary Boyle went missing while she was visiting her grandparents house on 18th March 1977, In a village in Co Donegal here in Ireland. Mary Boyle is Ireland’s longest official missing person as Mary was missing 40 Years this year 18th March 2017.

Mary’s family have been fighting for justice for many a year and allegedly state that a member of an Irish political party known as (FF) Fianna Fail, from Donegal, here in Ireland tampered with the original case by allegedly phoning the local Garda Station, aka Irish Police Station, Who were working on Mary’s case. Mary’s family believe now that the case was never fully investigated and the case went dead.

Mary’s Family also allegedly state that the Garda have never looked into this (FF) political figure after it emerged what this person was supposed to do with the phone call. Its also allegedly stated that the Garda could not trace this phone call despite it been made to the local Garda Station the station they were working from on Mary’s Case.

When Prime Bling (PB) Arrived outside this building there was a fairly decent crowd already waiting. As the heaven’s opened up and all who were there took shelter until the rain stopped. By the time the rain stopped the group suddenly grew in size and all you could see was Purple banners, balloons, teddy bears, and boards displaying pictures of young Mary and other alleged victims who suffered in Ireland today under the Irish state’s care. As I stated there was a fairly good turn out as this event despite it been on a Monday Afternoon. Also at this event were members from what is now known as (A.C.T ) Anti Corruption Taskforce.

The only other media outlet who was there was an Irish TV Station known as TG4, Despite Mary’s case been very well known here in the Irish media and it been Mary’s 40th Year missing a few days before on March 18th.

I got talking to a few of these people and one man kindly agreed to speak to Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide for the purpose of publication. Peter Currin traveled up from his hometown off Newbridge, Co Kildare, here in Ireland specially for this event. I asked Peter why he came today he replied, That he supports this very tragic case what is now known as Justice For Mary Boyle, he too believes that Mary’s case was interfered allegedly by a (FF) Political Figure and this should be investigated. Peter recall’s Mary’s case from as far back in the 1970’s. Peter is not a member of any political party and is here today as an individual.

We left Abbey street at 2.45 pm and made our way down on to Capel street from there we crossed Capel’s Street bridge then we headed for Dublin Castle before turning left on to Dame Street and making our way down towards College Green.

Members of the public looked stunned as this group of about 100 plus chanted slogans like Justice for Mary Boyle, Justice for John Kelly, Justice for the Tuam Babies, and Justice for Fr Niall Molloy. While the traffic was held back a little no motorists showed any sign of negativity towards this group of people.

We then made our way up on to Grafton Street and walked through the street till we came out at St Stephen’s Green. A Garda Car joined the group the first of any Garda activity in the whole march. We then took the unusual path of walking through Stephen’s Green Park cutting off the Garda in their car who had to drive around the block to meet us at other end.

The passerby’s in the park didn’t know what hit them as this group passed them by. While the group moved along its route passerby’s where given leaflets about Mary and about any other cases that were with us today.

We got to the last stage of this march which was outside the Irish department of Justice and equality which is also on St Stephens Green facing St Stephens Green Park. The Garda car joined us again and the driver got out of the car and spoke to some people who were now standing outside on the steps and after talking to a few people he got back into the Garda Car that was parked beside this building and sat there.

We had speakers from Mary Boyle’s Campaign including family members we also had speakers from other families who like the Mary Boyle case feel that justice was not fully served when it came to some of their family members who are now dead. They include John Kelly’s family who allege that their brother John could of been saved when he hit the water on the docks here in Dublin City. They also allege that there is a Garda cover up surrounding their brothers very tragic death. Emma Kelly spoke about the pain that her family had and have to go through. A leaflet was handed out about John’s very suspicious circumstances. Prime Bling (PB) Will in the next few days publish a copy of this letter in digital format.

Also (PB) Has video footage that was shot outside the department of justice and equality building by Emma Kelly, and other various speakers including Anna Harvey, Mercy B Rivers. Emma also read out an email that was sent in by a lady named Cynthia Own who allegedly claims that a daughter that she gave birth as a child was murdered to protect a pedophile ring that was abusing her in the Dalkey area of Dublin City. Cynthia also allegedly claims that three of these people are now retired members of the Gardai and are still living in the Dalkey area. Cynthia has written a book which is titled, Living With Evil which was published in 2009.

Bill Magher was also at this event Bill is a retaliative of the murdered priest known as Father Niall Molloy who was murdered in 1985 in very suspicious circumstances at a house known as Kilcoursey House Clara Co Offalay here in Ireland. The house belonged to Richard and Therese Flynn. Richard Flynn was originally charged with Niall’s murderer a charge of manslaughter but the judge at this trail was allegedly a friend of Richard Flynn directed the jury to return a not guilty verdict.

After the speakers finished we then light a Chinese Lantern and after some time fiddling with a lighter it was released into the Dublin Sky. This white lantern could be seen rising highly over St Stephens Green Park the lantern was released in solidarity with Mary Boyle’s Case and everyone who is affected by this justice system that we have here in Ireland…

The Garda who was sitting in the car drove off and was replaced by a Garda on a cycle, when he seen everyone leaving he too took off.


Image Credit: Prime Bling

Image Taken Walking Up Grafton Street in Dublin City.





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