Justice For Mary Boyle Campaign Weekly Vigil in Dublin City

Sunday afternoon and the weather is lovely and warm with the sun giving us the much needed heat rays after emerging from the hopefully bad winter weather. Its Sunday 2th April 2017 and Prime Bling (PB) is outside a shared building on a street known as Lower Mount Street here just off St Stephens Green here in Dublin City.

We made it here via a social media invite for what is know known publicly as the ‘Justice For Mary Boyle Campaign’, and despite of not been able to find the street we arrive at a little past 3.30 PM. It was the purple balloons that were hanging from railings that indicated we have found the right address.

Although there was no one else outside the Fianna Fail (FF) headquarters we knew we were at the right place. The first thing that struck us when we arrived was the purple balloons that were blowing gently in the mild wind. The door way to this building has four steps and the door way itself had two glass side panels and a front door that must of been at least 10 feet in height.

The two panels at the side of the door had posters stuck to them using sellotape. The posters were wrote in a felt marker and one of them read FF has blood on their hands. They allegedly state that a FF Councillor and or a TD did interfere with the original case in Donegal. The case is now known as Ireland’s longest missing person, as Mary Boyle was just six years old when she went missing the day after St Patrick’s Day, the 18th of March 1977. Mary Boyle is missing 40 years this year and only very recently PB, your favorite on line digital entertainment guide, covered a public demonstration for what was known as Mary Boyle’s 40th Anniversary public demonstration here in Dublin City.

Here Is a link to that story: Justice for Mary Boyle 40th Year Anniversary Public March Hits Dublin City

There was other purple balloons stuck to the door and information on Mary Boyle’s case stuck on some A4 pieces of paper. Anyone who walked passed the very public street looked in at the balloons and some read the information that was stuck in and around the railings that were outside the doorway.

Whoever opens that building up tomorrow will have to remove the 10 or so purple balloons and remove the banners and posters. The CCTV was visible with two cameras mounted just beside the door way. If they work then whoever looks after the controlling of these cameras will be able to see who put up these balloons and banners.

PB stayed outside this shared building for a least 30 minutes and we could see from the intercom that was in the porch area that the building was indeed a shared building, and a well known college here in Ireland may be using this building too, along with another firm.

PB left this site at a little past 4.pm and by that stage no one else came along.

Image Credit: Prime Bling

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