Lamh Failte Helping The Homeless Launch Easter Egg appeal 2020.

Lamh Failte Helping The Homeless, who run an outreach every Saturday Evening on North Earl Street, here in Dublin City, have just recently launched their very first Easter Egg appeal. The idea behind this appeal is to make sure that the children, and or the adults who are currently caught up in this homeless crisis will at least have an Easter egg on Easter Sunday no matter wherever they are living.

For those who cannot wait till Easter Sunday they can get their Easter Eggs in person of the Easter Bunny, on Easter Saturday 11th April 2020 at Lamh Failte helping the homeless outreach stall here on North Earl Street, Dublin City, from 7.15 to around 9.15pm.

Can You Help Lamh Failte helping the homeless Easter Egg appeal?

We are now accepting Easter Eggs and or chocolate treats for this appeal. If you or your business would like to donate Easter Eggs to this appeal please get in touch with us. You can contact us by our face book page via private message, messenger, any of our volunteers, or you can contact team leader Alan Finn on 085-1282-546. You can also drop in your donations in person to our weekly outreach stall on North Earl Street, this or any Saturday Evening right up to Easter Saturday.

We are calling on all work places, colleges, schools, social clubs, shops, business, etc to get behind us for this Easter egg appeal and set up a drop off, collection point within your environments. We at Lamh Failte helping the homeless, will do our very best to have the donations collected from your work space, school, etc, any business, school, etc who help us will be publicly acknowledged on all of our public domain social media platforms including face book pages, blogging sites, and on our weekly live video productions, thank you very much.

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