Lamh Failte helping the homeless launches Christmas shoe box appeal.

Lamh Failte helping the homeless, who run a homeless outreach in Dublin City, yesterday launched their very first Christmas shoe box appeal. This launch which see’s Lamh Failte helping the homeless going forward in as helping as many homeless people as they possibly can while outreaching at the same time. Lamh Failte helping the homeless, is a voluntary outreach stall ran by volunteers. They do not receive any monetary funds from any government funded agencies, and they rely heavily from donations from members of the public. You can find Lamh Failte helping the homeless, outreach stall on North Earl Street, every Saturday evening from around 7 to 9pm.

What can be placed into a shoe box:

Toys, toiletries, Items of clothing, dry foods, snacks, sweets, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. As a personal touch Lamh Failte helping the homeless, are asking everyone who is donating a shoe box to include a Christmas card and or a personal note. This will make a homeless person feel included and loved at this festive time. Lamh Failte helping the homeless, asks that each shoe box is wrapped up and clearly marked if its for a boy, and or a girl and what ages. Lamh Failte helping the homeless, are also accepting men’s, women’s shoe boxes again we ask you to clearly mark each box man or woman. If desired you can also donate gift cards from various supermarkets, and or retail outlets.



Lamh Failte helping the homeless, had this to say.

During the last six or so months the people of Ireland and the world have faced uncertain times forcing many people and families into uncharted waters. Many a working person lost their jobs, which resulted in heavy poverty. Many a families here in Dublin, fell below the poverty line which resulted them having to seek help from various homeless outreaches including, Lamh Failte helping the homeless, and other community based groups.

Every day we get un-dated with message requests from not only homeless people, but people and or families in need seeking help with food parcels and or hampers. Because the way things are gone now with the current level 5 lock down restrictions many more people are now getting in contact with us looking for help with various requests not only for food items, but many are now asking for help with toys, and items of clothing.

As this is our 1st, Christmas shoe box appeal, we hope to send out some festive cheer, and hopefully replace all the gloom and doom. Not only are we going to help the homeless people with this appeal, but help out people and or families in need. This of course depends how much donations we get in. If we receive a larger donation than expected we will gladly work with other soup runs and pass them over to them.




People who wish to donate can telephone, text or WhatsApp to 085-1282-546. You can also email us at You can also bring in your donations in person to our outreach stall this or any Saturday evening right up to Saturday 12th December, when we plan to hand them out and have a little Christmas party with Santa. 


If you need help around your homeless issues please drop in and see us at our outreach stall, on North Earl Street, Dublin 1, near the Spire end.

We are there every Saturday evening from around 7 to 9 pm.

You can also contact us on 085-1282-546 or email us at lamh,

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