Lamh Failte helping the homeless outreach returns.

Lamh Failte helping the homeless who run a homeless outreach stall recently returned to the streets of Dublin. After been missing in action since March, due to the current coroavirus restrictions, Lamh Failte returned to North Earl Street and picked up to were they left off. Before volunteers even had a chance to set up the food and clothing stalls service users who were already there waiting began putting in requests seeking help with issues around their homeless needs.

Social distancing was put into place and all the volunteers wore (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment including facial masks, facial shields, gloves and hairnets when handing out the food items. All service users where given a spray of hand sanitizer before they approached the food and clothing stalls. This outreach was a little different to the normal ones. Normally hot food would be served out but in keeping in with the guidelines put into place all food items where put into takeaway dishes and all sandwiches put into wedge boxes. All food and snack items were then handed directly out to the service users who took them away with them. Due to local business been shut and not been able to source hot water there was no hot drinks available but there was a good supply of bottled water and plenty cans of minerals.

Food items to take away included homemade Chicken Curry, Pasta Bake, Beef Stir fry, Large variety of sandwiches, snacks including chocolate treats, crisps, biscuits, bakery products and plenty of fruit items. Only two service users were permitted to be at the food stall at any given time.

Despite this been Lamh Failte helping the homeless first night back there was a big demand by the service users to avail of the services. Tents and sleeping bags were in high demands, as well as help with clothing items.

Can you help Lamh Failte helping the homeless?

We are currently seeking donations of face masks, gloves, face shields, hand sanitizers, food and or snack items, sleeping bags, tents, toiletries, clothing items, footwear, haversacks, bag-packs, etc, if you can help please get in touch with us by contacting any of our admins on our face book page, messenger, or any of our volunteers, you can also phone or text Alan Finn on 085-1282-546 thank you very much. If you are a business owner and have stock lying about on your premises which you were unable to use due to the coronavirus restrictions please get in touch with us and we will do our best to have it collected from you thanks very much.

Lamh Failte helping the homeless, will be out this and every Saturday Evening, from 7.15 to around 9.30pm on North Earl Street, here in Dublin City. If you or you know anyone who needs assistance around their homeless issues please call in and see us. We kindly ask all service users to keep to the social distancing practices and guidelines which are now in place thank you.


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