Lamh Failte Helping The Homeless run out of food on outreach stall in Dublin City.

Despite been only up and running two weeks ” Lamh Failte Helping The Homeless actually ran out of food on their outreach stall on North Earl Street last night. Hot food dishes like homemade Stews, Pasta Bakes, Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken Curry with boiled Rice, etc were actually served up in a record time of under 20 minutes and not a scrap of hot food was left. Just as well there was a back up supply of cold food chain like ham and chicken, turkey, sandwiches, etc, snacks ,fruit, bottles water, cans of minerals, chocolate bars, cakes, pastries, plus hot drinks like tea, and coffee. But despite this back supply all of it was gone by 8.30pm and we had to turn away hungry homeless people who turned up looking for food items but we did manage to give them bakery products to take away plus 2 liters of milk at least they had something to eat and drink.

Less than 60 minutes into a two hour time frame all of our food items including our back up supply of our cold food chain including the snacks. We also had a clothing stall in operation and we where in a position to hand out warm practical winter clothing items. We were also in a position to hand out about 20 to 30 sleeping bags, and about 5 pop up tents. We also gave out toiletries and some ground mats and survival bags to put sleeping bags into them to keep the sleeping bags dry.

Lamh Failte helping the homeless will be doing an outreach stall every Saturday Evening from around 7:15 to around 9:30 Pm on North Earl Street, here in Dublin City and we are asking the public to help and support us by either cooking and donating a hot food dish, snacks, sleeping bags, warm practical winter clothing items, ground mats, toiletries, etc You can drop in your donations to our stall on North Earl Street we are near the Spire, next door to Starbucks Cafe. Or you can contact any of the admins on our face book page, or any volunteer or you can telephone Alan Finn on 085-1282-546 and within reason we may be able to pick up your donation from your home and or business if you have no way of getting it to us thank you very much.


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Lamh Failte helping the homeless would like to say a big thank you to:

Mr Price, Kylemore Road, Dublin 10.

Hidden Treasures, Community Shop, Ring Terrace, Inchicore, Dublin 8.

The Treasure Chest, Community Shop, Gratton Crescent, Inchicore, Dublin 8.

Eddie Lloyd & Sons, Family Butchers, Gratton Crescent, Inchicore, Dublin 8.

( CANN) Community Active Age Network, Iveagh Grounds, Dublin 12.

Rose Snedker, Frances Murphy, Sharon Sinclair, and all their colleagues.

March For Justice, Ireland.

M&S, Liffey Valley, Clondalkin Dublin 22.


Ocras Eire, Homeless outreach, Finglas, Dublin 11.

CBS, James Street, Dublin 8.

And all of our volunteers.

Image Credit: Prime Bling.


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