Local Councilor Tina MacVeigh holds a launching party.

People Before Profit (P.B.P) Councilor Tina MacVeigh, recently held a launching party in support of her local election campaign. Tina, who is no stranger to the community of the Dublin 8, held her launch party in the Cafe du Jour, on Cork Street on Thursday 27th February to a well attended party. About 35 to 40 people turned up to support ‘Tina, in her bid to get elected on Friday 24th May. Also there to lend a supporting hand was (P.B.P) TD Brid Smith, who gave us a little talk on Tina. Also joining Brid, to lend their support as speakers and friends to Tina were various people see list below.

1st Speaker: TD Brid Smith.

2nd Speaker: Ailbhie Smith.

3rd Speaker: Connor Reddy.

4th Speaker: Hanan Amer.

5th Speaker: Tina MacVeigh.


Each and every one speaking at this launch had lovely memories to share about Tina, who is very active not only here in our communities, but across the wider horizon including been part off the National Homeless & Housing Coalition, Who are having a big peaceful demonstration happening this Saturday 9th March here in Dublin City.

There was a great spread of food put on by the staff at Cafe du Jour, served with a nice selection of hot & cold drinks. Tina, spoke to Prime Bling (PB) after the speeches and had to say. Its very inspiring to hear these people speak so highly of me and I will do my very best for everyone in our community. Tina, also went on to say when people vote for me or anyone in (P.B.P) They are voting for themselves too.

Images: Prime Bling.

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