Meet Dan Gill

Dan Gill Profiled: By Alan Finn.

And Action, is a word one would hear if you where having a video production shot, or you where part of a production crew, or maybe even an actor. Speaking of video productions, Dan Gill aka DG Media, would be the man to have on your team.

Its Tuesday 6th September 2016, and Dan called down to the area, I live in to have a chat about his past works and future plans

Dan’s Hometown is Dublin.

His star sign is Libra

Dan Gill, was brought up not to far from where I live. He was asked to do a favor one day for a friend, up & coming Irish Rapper (A2C) to shoot a video for a college project. Dan has always had a passion for cameras, and agreed to help out his friend. Shortly after the video was put out there Dan was asked to shoot a video for a lady by the name of Kim Marie, to shoot a rap battle. A rap battle is where more than two rap, and or hip hop artists go against each other and rap free styling.

Kim is no stranger  when it comes to the Irish Hip hop scene. Dan did the video as a favor and before long other favors were been asked to shoot various video shoots, and or projects. In fact if one was to put a number of video’s that Dan, had helped over the last 4 or so years, we would be here till next Christmas, so instead here is a collection, that I randomly selected out of a list Dan gave me.

Dan has shot video’s for Kodaline, who are an Irish Group.

He also shot video’s for ( Jess Glynn) who is from the UK)

(Kid Ink) who is from the USA,

(NAS) also from the USA,

(Mobb Deep) also from the USA,

(DJ Preimer) from the USA

(XZibit) who comes also from the USA

(Cypress Hill) USA

(The Outlaws) USA 

Closer to home and across the Irish sea we have

(WSTRN) who are from the UK,

 (Naughty Boy) who is also from the UK,

 (Section Boyz) who are from (UK )

(Mic Righteous) UK 

And closer to us here in Ireland, we have ( The Coronas, Gavin James, Chris Hazes, & who we also mentioned Kodaline.

Irish Rap & Hip Hop Artists, he also worked with include, Top Notch, Cale Smith, Mad AB Slim, A2C, Lethal Dialect. Deanie & everyone from ” Curtis Entertainment. He has also worked with Irish Rap and Hip Hop up & comings  Skin T, &  Costello, the list goes on and on.

He also worked with, Irish R+B Star, ( Graciono Major,)

I ‘asked Dan, what was he favorite quote, he replied, Work Smart, Not Just Hard.

I ‘asked him where does he take his inspiration from, he replied from Colin Tiley, who is a director from the USA, he also takes inspiration from Director X, who is also from the USA, and Irish director, Johnton Lambert.

I’ asked him who his favorite musicians groups are, he replied, Kodaline, Hozier, Your keeping it real here with the Irish group’s if you don’t mind me quoting Dan, and he also likes Irish rap group, Hare Squead.

I ‘then asked Dan, who would he like to work with, he replied, Kanye West, who is American and Skepta, who is English.

Dan went on to tell me as well as shooting, and or directing any video, there is a hell lot more work he has to do at home which includes editing. But Dan says he gets great satisfaction from seeing his work finished.

As one can see Dan, has directed so many video’s that it was very hard for me to throw up all of them but I went with this collection.

Lethal Dialect, Energy

Chris Hazes, I’ll Run

And a video titled ” New York City, which Dan shot while over in the USA. Also up is a video that Dan had shot while working with artists.

Dan also lent a hand at the recent Fatima Rock’s Music Festival, which was the (1st) Year, to be held, in the F2 Center, Fatima Dublin 8 Ireland

1st Video is from ” Lethal Dialect, its called Energy, and it was shot and directed by Dan aka DG Media.

2nd video up is from Chris Haze, and its called I’ll Run

3rd video is called New York City, Dan shot this video while he was over there.

And to see us out here is another video that Dan shot, its a promotional video for DG Media

And that’s a Wrap Folks.

Credit Image: Alan Finn.

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