Meet The Pigeon Detectives

Say’s hello to The Pigeon Detectives who very recently played in Whelans here in Dublin City.

The Pigeon Detectives are a 5 piece group and they are Matt Bowen on vocals, Oliver Main and Ryan Wilson on guitars, Dave Best on bass, and Jimmy Nailor on drums and they hail from Leeds in the UK.

There style of music is indie rock and very recently they released their 5th studio album titled, Broken Glances. They also included a stop here in Dublin City at Whelans as part of their UK & Ireland tour.

Their album Broken Glances was released earlier on this year and its been very well received not only here in Ireland but UK too.

Formed in 2002 after been in school together and knowing each other since they were 12 Years of age.

The lads have enjoyed a meteoric rise starting in their home city of Leeds where they first signed to a local record company known as Local label Dance before growing in the UK. Their first release was a track called Wait For Me and selling over a half a million records and resulting in a headlining gig at London’s Alexandra Palace and Leeds Millennium Square within one year of releasing their debut single.

Their current release album, Broken Glances is more like an electric LP, than in previous releases and it was recorded with Richard Formby a music producer well known to have worked with Indie crooners like Wild Beats, Leftfield London Vocalist Ghostpoet and Mind -Expanding Pioneers Spaceman 3.

Broken Glances follow their platinum selling record, Wait for me which charted in at number 3 in the UK Album charts.They gave us some singles from that album including Gold Selling Emergency, up guards and at em, which was released on their first label dance to the radio.

As with previous albums broken glances was released and a supporting tour was followed which will include a special performance stop at Live At The Leeds Festival. They will also preform at various festivals in and around the UK.

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