Men2B to release Sexy Lockdown Single “Be In My Bubble” just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Mid-Aged Boy Band Set to Release Sexy Lockdown Valentine Song, “Be in My Bubble” 


‘“Be in My Bubble’ is the baby-making anthem of this trash year.” -Gerry Donoghue, 62, Dun Laoghaire.
“I saw Men2Be in 2001 and can’t wait to bring my daughter, who was conceived there, to their next concert.”-Britney Aguilera, 38, New Orleans.
“Harold Hackett is a megalomaniacal genius.” -Lou Sperlman, 67, Los Angeles.
“Cecil Byrne makes me burn! We are Ment2B!” -Louisa Ford, 48, Birmingham.
“Your man, Barnaby Cummins, is the kind of guy who will steal your girlfriend and still hypnotize you with his vocals. The man’s a god.” -Stephen Finn, 38, Tallaght.

“Spencer Cassel is a passionate bloke. Pure class.” -Chesty Dolan, 42, Meath.

“Gas.” -Sister Margaret Mary, 72, Dublin.


Dublin, Ireland Irish boy band sensation, Men2B, will be releasing their first worldwide single, “Be in My Bubble,” Tuesday  9th February 2021 as these lockdown weary superstars make a last-ditch effort to close the social distance with their lovers before Valentine’s Day.

Check out the video here!

Spotify link here!–&nd=1

Men2B is a pop boy band that formed in 1999 under the Pantidrop Record Label. The band suffered a history of ill-fated luck as their pending single releases were always overshadowed by catastrophic world events. Due to these creative pitfalls and other tragic circumstances, Men2B has gone through 25 different members, only one of which remains in the current group. The current members are: Harold Hackett (Ian Coppinger), the ultra-spiritual founder of Men2B; Cecil Byrne (Graeme Singleton), the front man of the band who jubilantly took his father’s footsteps after he suffered a paparazzi injury; Barnaby Cummins (Joe Rooney), the infamously defiant vagabond of boy bands; and Spencer Cassel (Danny Kehoe), who was a roadie intern for Men2B! until he saved a show after former bandmember, Duncan Daly, fell to his death on stage.  Now with their most charming line-up of heartthrobs, they have signed with DiCtv Radio and are ready to take on the world with their new timely slow jam, “Be in My Bubble.”

“Be in My Bubble” was written by Antoinette Scherer and Joe Rooney and composed by Joe Rooney and his son, Daniel Rooney. The music video, which will also be released prior to Valentine’s Day, was shot remotely in Ireland as the band members staged sets in their homes with the help of Polish cinematographer Daniel Tkaczyk and were then directed by Antoinette Scherer from New York, all via Zoom.

About DiCtv: DiCtv, also known as Dublin Comedy TV, is a comedy brand founded August 2020 by Antoinette Scherer adjoined by comedians Joe Rooney and Ian Coppinger. The trio met while filming a mini-series titled “Exiled in Ireland”, after which they decided to continue their creative work together writing and producing sketches, songs, and radio shows with the members of the Dublin Comedy Improv (which include Joe Rooney, Ian Coppinger, Graeme Singleton, Sharon Mannion, Paul Tylak, Danny Kehoe, and Michelle Read). Their first sketch, “Captain Tiny Hands”, won Best Irish Sketch and Best Composing at the Dublin International Comedy Film Festival; and their sketch “Elbows”, which received a nomination at the Venice Shorts Film Awards, is currently streaming on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Their nostalgic variety radio show, DiCtv Radio, can be found on Spotify and iTunes and more clips and further information on upcoming content can be found on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages @dublincomedytv.


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