Motion Control Dublin Gig Review

Motion Control Live                                                                By Alan Finn.

On Thursday 29th July, 2016, The button Factory, Temple Bar,  here in Dublin City,  was the venue to see up and coming Dublin Group, Motion Control, live. This very unique , Indie, rock, group from “Dublin’s Pearse Street, certainly made their presence known to all who where lucky enough to be there.

Motion Control, is one of these groups once you see them play live once, you become hooked, and before you know it, you are following their progress on you tube, fb, etc

Led by, Conor Hamilton, who is no stranger to the stages not only here in Dublin City, but through out the whole Island of Ireland.

Conor, as a solo artists has in the past played support  to  the likes of ” Damian Dempsey, and has been on RTE television several times. He was also in the blockbuster Irish film, Synge Street, playing Larry the drummer.

The Gig.

The presnter for the night was ” Top Notch,  another up and coming Dubliner Rap and Hip Hop artist, who despite having no script did a very good job, well done Top Notch.

Opening up the set of the night was up and coming Dublin Indie, group, who were known as “Evil Empire, now known as ” Drumano. This five piece have an awful lot going for them now. They are very good live, and one to watch out for. They are ( Aaron Hamilton, lead vocalist, ( Daniel Fox, lead guitar, (David Boucher, bass guitar, ( Andy Neville, rhythm guitar, and ( Cathal Luddy, Drums.

Watch out for ” Duramno, , coming soon to PB.

Next up was ” Rapper,  “Dubliner, and native of,  Finglas, Cale Smith.

Cale, has been going from strength to strength in the last couple of years. Cale  only released his second EP, this tear titled ” Development, ( Here is a link to his EP, Review, that I wrote for the fountain resource group, in which I write for too. ( ) Development, has been getting very good reviews. Cale is one of these acts that will build over time, he is very good live too. Watch out for Cale who is selling ” Development, on line in aid of a sick 3 year old cancer victim,  Millie Mangan, here is a link ( )

Up next we had “AWOL Active, a three piece group from the docklands of Dublin. They are ” Simon Heapes, who does lead vocalists, and plays Bass. ( Adam Boland, who plays, guitar, and ( Conor Boland, who plays drums. This trio are very good live. I first seen these guys play live last year and they just seem to be going from strength to strength. Their sound is very good, and Adam, who plays the guitar can at times sound like if you where listening to, Gary Moore.

AWOL Active, where one of the groups who played at the very 1st ever Fatima Rock’s Music Festival, at the F2 center here in Fatima, Dublin 8, Ireland.

AWOL Active, also released their debut EP, ” Unestimated, at the button factory gig, here is their EP, Review on (PB )

Click here for AWOL Active’s recent article on (PB )


Then Motion Control, took to the stage, and mayhem quickly followed, in a nice positive rocking way. This tour was the second in the series, titled “ Rock, Rap, Fusion Gig, Part 2.

Motion Control, are Conor Hamilton, Lead vocalists, ( Denis Loan, Drums, ( Stephen Byrne, rhythm guitar, ( Brandon Larkin, guitar, ( Conor Barnes, Keyboard, and ( Josh Hoover, Bass.


I have been following, Motion Control, for the past year or so, and I love watching them play live. They do covers and have their own material including, ” Dirty Colors, which was released in April of this year, Click on video at end of review and listen to Dirty Colors,

If we have anything to go by with  “Dirty Colors, we should see  and hear plenty more of ” Motion Control, up there with other Irish groups who are up and coming and Irish groups who have made it.

Motion Control, do some covers and last their last gig  at the button factory, we where treated to some covers including ” This Charming Man, originally by, The Smiths, and “Sail, by AWOLNATION, which is fast becoming one of my favorite covers by, Motion Control.

I love the original but I love, Motion Control’s version too, they nail it perfectly, but give it more edge with more rock. We got to hear some new stuff too, including a great new song called ” Alice.

The energy when, Motion Control, are playing live is very infectious, Conor Hamilton, just emerges from the ground up, like a Phoenix, dancing around, and giving it his 100%. The crowd love them too, and they have a pretty good following.

Judging by, the gig at the button factory, we are going to see a lot more of  (MC) Motion Control, in the very near future.Their  gig at the button factory, was their second headlining gig there, having previously headlined there last February. Motion Control, was one of the acts who played the very 1st, Fatima Rock’s, Music Festival, at the F2 Center, Fatima Dublin 8, last May 2016. They also played live at the recent ” Ringsend, Irishtown, May Day Community Festival, here in Dublin City Ireland.

Motion Control, hometown is ” Dublin City.

Status Unsigned  

Here is a video & song by Motion Control (MC ) its called Dirty Colours

Here is a video that, Conor did when he was a solo artist, it is a live video that was shot for RTE Television, In Dublin City Ireland, about two years ago, the song is called ” You’ve Got It In You.

Below is a link on to (MC) Motion Control’s FB, Page 






Motion Control, will be playing this September, at the “Achill  Island Music Festival

 Achill Island, is an Island,  just of the Mayo, coast here in Ireland.

Conor has informed me that an (EP ) is in the pipeline,,,,,Bring It On Motion Control…..


The Venue, on the night.

The Button Factory, Temple Bar, Dublin City, Ireland.


I like the button factory as a venue, it gives the crowd a chance to get up close to the acts, and it has a decent hall for dancing. It also a few floors, and has plenty of spacious seating dotted around the hall. Depending how busy the venue is they can open upstairs that has seating directly over the stage, giving a nice view of the stage, very handy if you are a photographer.



James Hamilton, who is the father, of Conor Hamilton, and who is a, music producer, who put this show and other gigs together.

James, is a strong believer in giving the kids, or the groups, a platform to showcase their creativity, it’s better to give them something positive to do, than give them nothing to do.

James, would like to thank all the staff at the button factory, for their part of putting this show together and hopes to do it again soon.

You can email James, at, jameshamiltonmusicprocducer@gmail, for information about up and coming projects with the above bands.

Image credit: Alan Finn

Videos sourced of You Tube.


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