Motion Control Rock Whealns In Dublin City.

For anyone following the progress of this very unique and raw band” Motion Control, would know the progress this Dublin Group is making.

Led by Dubliner Conor Hamilton this 6 piece certainly rocked Whelans Venue, Wexford Street, Dublin during the week. Motion Control dropped their release single ” Sick Memories, which is also the title of their current album, EP, to a fairly decent sized crowd.

We were treated to a great show with support acts from a duo group known as The Dani Project, and AWOL ACTIVE. First up we had The Dani Project. The Dani Project are:

Daragh Graham ( Lead Guitar & Vocals.

Anie Homan ( Drums & Backing Vocals.

Having only formed in the last couple of weeks they gave us some decent original and covers including a cover by The Arctic Monkeys, I bet you look good on the dance floor which may I state was very good.

Up next we had Awol Active no stranger to us at Prime Bling (PB).

Awol Active are

Simon Heapes ( Guitar, Bass, and Voclas.

Conor Boland ( Drums & Backing Vocalists)

Andrew Boland ( Bass)

Micheal Cleary ( Guitar)

Awol Active gave us a great show with originals and covers including a great cover of Summer Of 69, Originally by Bryan Adams. Watch Out For Video Coming Shortly on (PB)

Next Motion Control took to the stage and the minute they did you knew it was about to rock. They had the place rocking and gave us one of their best performance.

Motion Control are:

(Lead) Conor Hamilton.

(Lead Guitar) Brandon Larkin.

( Rhythm Guitar) Ross McMullen.

( Drums) Dennis Loan.

( Keyboard) Conor Barnes.

and Bass, Micheal McKriman.

Motion Control, treated us to a spectacular show giving us a show we won’t forget in a hurry. As well as dropping their new single ” Sick Memories, Which was released today on video on You Tube, They gave us Space Jam, also taken of Sick Memories, plus many more of their album Sick Memories album. They also gave us a great cover of Sail By AWOLNATION. Check out this video coming soon on (PB)

Do check out Motion Control Latest Release On You Tube ” Sick Memories.

Image Credits: Prime Bling.


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