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National Public Demonstration

National Public Demonstration         By Alan Finn.

A national public demonstration is planned for, Saturday 17th September 2016, in Dublin City, Ireland. “The Right To water campaign have organised this event.

Following a public meeting tonight in, St Andrews Community Center, in Rialtlo Dublin 8, it was agreed that the Dublin 8 and Dublin 12, says no groups, will meet on, “St Micheal’s Hill, directly under Christchurch Cathedral Arch, on the day of the march, then march down towards the city.

There will be up to three or four meeting points in and around the city of Dublin, and unlike previous marches a stage will be set south-side of St Stephens Green, Dublin 2, instead of the usual O’Connell Street. It was changed due to large amounts of people turning up for the marches on the grounds of safety. As for “O’Connell Street, itself been quite narrow, and with the public transport especially the, Luas tracks and bus traffic been a big safety concern, which is why the stage area has been moved.

The marches which in recent years have brought out hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life, to show up and offer their support. The right to water campaigners are pushing for the abolition of Irish Water, instead of the current temporary suspension.

According to a information, sourced by the right to water campaign that, two out of every three members elected to the Dail, were elected with an mandate to abolish unfair water charges in the 2016 general election. Despite this overpowering majority, the Irish government is refusing to listen to the electorate and scrap the charges. Instead an expert panel, has been established hand picked by a Minister, who supports the water charges, to deliver a report with the hope of giving Irish Water a lifeline.

This march next, Saturday week, 17th September, will be the first big march since the previous one last January. This event is been promoted in various ways including social media and paper formats, to highlight this event. Meeting points across Dublin City, have also been organised, and train stations like Heuston, and Connolly will also be used for groups to meet up and assemble. Its believed that all the groups will then meet up the city, then make their way to the stage area, which is been set up near, St Stephens Green, Shopping Center.

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