New Kind,

Hello We Are New Kind  “By Alan Finn.

New Kind’s home town is,  Dublin City.

They are unsigned.

Finglas, is about 6 miles the north of Dublin City Ireland, famous for the likes of “Brendan O’Carroll, aka Mrs Brown Boy’s and “Christy Dignam, the lead from the Irish group, Aslan.

If Finglas can be credited for one more thing, that has to be rap music. We have seen the likes of  “Miss Elayneous, aka Elayne Harrington, ” Mr Ma Baker Tha Baker, ” Mad AB Slim, aka Andrew Boland,  and ” Cale Smith, we have seen and heard their work so its only fair that they can claim their credit for keeping the Irish rap and hip hop alive.

Emerging also from Finglas is a duo who goes under the name, ” New Kind.

Meet 12 year old “ Clayton Cooper, who is a rapper, and his friend,  “James Moran, who is 17, and is a beat-boxer, together they make up ” New Kind.

New Kind, are in this studio and they have arranged to meet up with me, to have a catch up with (PB ) Prime Bling, about their recent developments and future plans.

This is not the 1st time I have interviewed this amazing act, and judging by their talents in won’t be my last time.

New Kind, have this very powerful connection that they give off when it comes to their creativity.

Its like they are ahead of their time, and you could stand there all day and chat to them about their style of music, their combination, and how for such young lads what their plans are for for the future.

Clayto, as he likes to be called has only started secondary school, and James,  who is  known as Scooby, by his friends is at his last schooling days.


New Kind, have already released their debut (EP )  this year titled, ( New Kind ) and they have informed me they have almost sold out all their copies, in their CD format, aka physicals in the music world.

They also have informed me that they are working on a new (EP ) which they hope to have it released by next summer (2017 )

They are hoping to have at least five new tracks on it, at present they have three songs finished for that new EP.

I asked Clayto where he takes his inspiration from, he replied, 2 PAC,  he also takes inspiration from up and coming Irish rap artists, Jordan Farrell, Cale Smith, ORB, aka Original Rude Boys, I asked him who is his favorite sport person, he didn’t wait to long to throw in Irish kick boxer, Connor McGreggor.

I asked James,  where he takes inspiration from, he replied ( KRMFX ) who is from Korea, and is a beat-boxer, and 80 Fitz, who is also a beat-boxer and hails from the (USA )

I asked Clayto, what advice would he give to any one his age or anyone involved with music, ” He replied, by saying “ Don’t Let Anyone Pull You Down and work Hard, I asked James the same question he replied, Do What you love and love what you do.

The lads recently played a few  gigs they did the  ( FYRC ) Finglas Youth Recourse Center, they also played at the community festival in Finglas village, they played in the Recco,  Ballymun which is also north of Dublin City Ireland, Erin Isle a local GAA club in Finglas, and they took part in the Fatima Rock’s 1st music festival, in the F2 Center, Fatima in Dublin 8, last May 2016.

From what I have seen with New Kind, they are so fresh and so new, The Rap music seems to be very hard to break in Ireland at the moment, but with the likes of ” New Kind, they can keep their focus on their talent and help keep it going.

It will be only a matter of time before the Irish Rap and Hip Hop breaks, and who ever is on that first wave should do very well, and I can’t see why New Kind, should not be on that wave.

You can follow New Kind, on their fb page, ( New Kind ) you can also support New Kind, on all their social media pages.

Its very important that we all get behind not only ” New Kind, but all up & coming Irish rap, hip hop, Indie, Rock, etc

The Video I took of You tube, is called ” Dedicated, I shot the video last March, in the very same music studio, out in Finglas. This video was not intended as a video release, and it was shot in one take, but it was decided to put it up on you tube, to promote their first single ” Dedication, which the original track was produced by B-Starr.

We at Prime Bling, the platform for anything up & coming want to say a big thank you to “New Kind, and we wish them the very best for the future. We would also like to say a big thank you to Irish up and coming Rapper “Cale Smith.

You can read the New Kind’s first ever interview here, (  ) this interview was done by myself for the fountain news wire, at

You can also read New Kind’s debut EP release here (  ) which also appeared in  the fountain resource group.

This is the video that I shot last March 2016, of New Kind, the song is called ” Dedication, I hope you enjoy it too

Images and video credit, Alan Finn

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